Meek Mill's Tour Bus Freestyle (Video)

Who needs a Smack DVD when you have an iPhone, a tour bus and some free time?

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  • Mel

    You call that freestyle?

  • sulls

    this ain't no freestyle, this is pure garbage

  • DocCosmos

    How is this a freestyle when his lackys are saying the lines at the same time as him?

  • tehesthrsh

    that awkward moment when you realize most of your friends have better lyrics than meek mill....

  • Mike

    Career self destruct. Initiating.

    And I'm a fan. But this's not looking good for him and his credibility right now.

  • @Mike

    ^ credibility? credibility for what? dude can freestyle, he has his youtube videos going around. We know he's hood, you see the idiots he runs around with. I dont get what credibility your talking about that isnt looking too good. not a fan of dude like you are, just a general hater of anything lacking sense

  • Free Advice

    @Meek and his goons. A honey-do list:
    1. Please don't do this again. Ever.
    2. Look into GED programs in your area. There are plenty
    of retail outlets and distribution centers looking to hire
    this holiday season.
    3. Download some tutorials on effective smartphone
    videography. AKA stop holding the fucking phone straight up
    when you're recording.

  • this nigga is holding a corndog and rapping...smh


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