Rihanna for GQ’s “Men of the Year” Issue (BTS Video)

You can either watch this clip, head here for outtake photos, or head over to Karmaloop and watch a bunch of random-ass skanks strip for Cyber Monday. Either way, it's a slow morning today.

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  • SK

    can anyone tell me wat song is in the background? neeeed to sample asap

  • bigErn

    Yeah I've heard that song sampled before somewhere...wanna say pharrel's production?

  • bigErn

    Nope not pharrel, it's on "Obey" by Dwele. Good stuff

  • bigErn

    The song in the video is TiRon & Ayomari - Denouement ft. Dream Hampton

  • will

    check the first photo in the outtakes.... looked closely, nipple slip

  • DocCosmos

    lol , the thirst ^

  • Lasted 40 seconds til I made like Chris Brown and busted a nut.

  • hangh?!

    whats with the holes in her face? Chris got small hands?