50 Cent – My Life f. Eminem & Adam Levine (Video)

blame it on Illy November 27, 2012

Curtis debuts the music video to his new single “My Life” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Street King Immortal is slated to be released Feb. 2013.

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  • KiF

    Worst. Song. Ever.

    Even Ja Rule never sold out THIS badly.

    • Brian

      “so game and buck, both can suck a dick”
      “Im thinking about the same, mother fuck everybody everybody up in this bitch, but 50”

      Sellout? It’s better than the last shit he put out listen to the fucking lyrics, just because a guy is singin in it doesnt mean shit you faggot


  • The Boogie Monster

    I see a lot of people hating on this just cos its 50 but you know if your favorite rapper made it you would like it

  • Get A Tissue

    My favorite rapper wouldn’t make this song. Because my favorite rapper takes pride in his work, and doesn’t take advantage of his fans in a desperate attempt to claw his way back onto pop radio.

  • YoureGay

    ^You’re just mad because this is radio friendly.

  • Get A Tissue

    I’m just mad because this song blows. And yes, the completely obvious attempt at a sell-out single makes it even more annoying.

    You’re just mad that it came from your favorite rapper.

    • The king

      You should get a tissue faggot. You’re the only one crying. Noone cares what you think about any song. Go listen to bieber.

  • durptron5000

    50 Cent sucks dick, I really don’t like how hard he used beef and drama BS to get his name in the headlines again, or when anyone does for that matter, his raps are weak as fuck, he has no personality, Adam Levine is a G but I really hope Fif’s album flops and he can just stick to being the decent business man he is, all he cares about is money anyways so don’t meddle with ART.

    • Ol’Greg

      How u like hip hop if u don’t like beefs? Hip hop is based on being better than the next guy or you from the let’s all hold hands, wear girls clothes bubble gun era???

  • cam

    This song not even bad. Ya’ll act like this is some dubstep bullshxt. This is a good single. Eminem on the track, S1 on the beat, that’s HIP HOP!!! Just ’cause Adam Levine is on the song doesn’t make it any less hip hop than it would be if somebody like Cee-Lo was on it.

  • Wu Tang

    in hip hop you supposed to fuck other niggas up. niggas talking about “oh no i dont like beef i like dicks” its fucking gay.
    The niggas who say ” i dont like beefs” are the one who say ” OH please dont hurt me im a pretty nigga i like dicks and get fucked in the ass”

  • G smooth

    and by the way u hatin ass ni%%A the single must be doing something good its number 1 already on itunes hip hop



  • Dun

    If you like this song, you must HATE Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Most of that album was about how bitch-made pop rappers are.


    • Brian

      Ok eminem was pop when he came out and he didnt limit his self… this sounds more like 50’s shit anyway he told game and buck to suck a dick i mean how is that pop just because theres a fag singin the hook……in da club was a pop song dont act like you didnt like that shit

  • Nope

    Nope! I think Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ is one of the best albums to have come out in the last 10 years, but I also like this song.

    You don’t have to like either one exclusively. What you do have to do, though, is understand that 10 years have gone by since Get Rich came out. TEN YEARS.

    And Get Rich was not about bitch-made pop rappers. Maybe some songs were, but thats not what the album was about.

  • Dun

    Oh, ok. I get it. So it’s totally cool to sell out and become the epitome of everything you hated and raged against at the beginning of your career, just as long as it takes you no less than 10 years (TEN YEARS) to do it.

    That makes sense.

  • riko


  • Max

    @Get A Tissue: My favourite rapper actually did make this song… pretty shameful on Em’s part really. But then again, 99% of the shit he’s come out with past Curtain Call is a joke, so at least it’s not a surprise

  • Nope

    First of all you don’t know what “selling out” means to him, because you don’t really know what his aims/standards for his music are.
    Second, I don’t think that Fifty ever hated and raged against selling out. He’s always worked with the biggest artists- regardless of genre (Nicole Sherzinger, Timberlake and Robin Thicke were all on one album), I don’t know why you’re so surprised about this record.
    Third, my disagreement was about the fact that you think people have to either like Get Rich and hate this, or vise versa.

  • j

    Its a pretty cool song not really bad but its close to 50s worst work lyrically and delivery wise. Everyone should be able to admit that much. I mean it sounds like hes reading the bars in his sleep, zero chemistry and that horrible flow he picked up later on in his career doesn’t help things. its a recovery track ft 50 cent, it will sell and be succesful because of eminem.. eminem could sell anything good or not.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Man… y’all are some fucking haters for real. Damn.

    One song with Adam Levine on it and suddenly 50 sold out. I guess Kanye sold out back on LR too eh?

  • Rafae Sheikh

    It’s not like this shit was produced by Alex Da Kidd or something. S1 on the beat bitches.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    50 2 for 2 with his singles for the new album so far.

    New Day and this = Both dope.


    lmao hip hop fans aint shit paris hilton ft lil wayne.. hows that for sellin out

  • Dun

    First- I don’t care what 50 Cent’s standards for selling out are. Just my own, thanks.

    Second- He raged against pop rappers, which he is now a perfect example of. And yes, I know he’s tried it before. So I guess it DIDN’T take him 10 years (TEN YEARS) to go the pop route, did it?

    Third- I don’t really care what your disagreement was. I’m simply pointing out what an ENORMOUS hypocrite 50 Cent is, along with every single one of his dickriding fans that DO enjoy both. Yes, that includes you.

  • brooklyn

    selling out is going against what you stand for, for money, 50 was in it for the money since begining, so when the times change and the music changes, hes gonna change with it to make moeny…thats not selling out…and @dun, most of get rich or die trying was not about bitch made pop rappers, you must be tslking about eminem lol, he had beef with ja rule, and dissed him about that pop shit..but the times change, if his goal was always the money he didnt sell out, going underground would be selling out in his case lol because that goes against what hes been about

  • JAyP

    people hating on this song dont even have legitimate reason to hate… its a smooth track with two heavyweight rappers and a great singer, THATS IT!

    Dun talks about GRODT like it came out last year, he talks about the albums meaning but the albums meaning is basically what hes living now GETTING RICH! Did he REALLY sell out or did he prove his point?

  • Ebert & Roper

    “if his goal was always the money he didnt sell out, going underground would be selling out in his case lol because that goes against what hes been about”

    LMAO! You little fiddy stans are so delusional it’s pathetic… Go back, read what you wrote, and see if it makes any sense.

    Selling out is the same thing for everybody. It means changing your art, purely for the sake of money. And that’s all this is. If you want to make the argument that he’s been whoring you guys out from the very beginning… well then I guess that says a lot more about you than him.

  • Venomz924

    Classic Track…

    50 cent and Em the last real hip hop artists..
    Legendary for music history…

    50 cent has sold many records….whether it be commericial or street…

    hes dropped mixtapes, gunit collabs, top 10 records top 5 …. #1 records….
    street, gangsta, club bangers, ….

    stop hating…you hate because you don’t have an education and work some low end job and are jealous man…

    i followed this dude for awhile, and he continues to be one of the best song creaters in the game….

    If you actually have some intelligence and can think for yourself…listen…50 is diverse…hes has to move and do different things….he needs to have cross over records, he released 3 mixtapes in the last year…he does gangsta…he does club tracks…..GROW with an artist and support a dude trying different things….
    its just shows , i hate to say it but hip hop and this generation of kids are going down the drain……..

  • At Dun let it go buddy its already a hit go to itunes.. theres nothing you can do about it now its too late let it go.

    Best thing you can do to make yourself feel better is to buy French Montanas new single and give the song a chance to appear on the charts.

    And the whole Ja-Rule style thing is laughable pls stop yol makin a full of yourselves.
    Lol at when 50 has Adam Levine hes selling out but when Kanye used the same feature as well as working with some Mr Hudson wierd techno guy and Bon Iver its ok.

  • HardWhite

    50 has always been a commercial artist who is in the game to make money. So I don’t know how some of yall are sayin dude sold out when he’s always made this type of music. This song is straight but obviously with the em and lavine feature its aimed at radio which is all pop music now no matter what genre. I’m not even that big of a 50 fan but this is music made for good business not for the love of the art.

  • Los

    Neither 50 or his work on GRODT were about “raging against pop music,” actually he was raging against bubble gum “love music” that Ja Rule was producing. All the music 50 is putting out that people think is similar to Ja, are really not even close to “love,” more so sex and anything BUT love. What you have here though, is a very basic example of how people who have a personal dislike for 50 Cent, reaching for a reason to call him a sell out and advance their agenda on people, as if their opinions actually make a difference.

  • durptron5000

    “foolish industry beefs we don’t be no where round that” – Curren$y

  • VJ

    It’s been a while, some 5 years, since 50 made a hit of his own.
    I just don’t quite get why everyone hates him so much? Dude is entertaining as hell, can sell anything except his music and is a fantastic and inspiring example of a rags (and bullet holes) to riches story.
    And when it comes to morals and code, he always sticks to his guns. And don’t start about the singing, cause he was doing that on After my Cheddar.
    I wanna see Banks and 50 do a track on which they both actually rap. Like the good old days.

  • Nope

    @Dun- Alright, homes. Suit yourself. Its clear you’re confused about what 50 Cent was talking about on GET RICH or die tryin.

  • Meh. Its cool. I’d rather hear this on the radio than some of this other bull

  • brooklyn

    @Ebert & Roper, im actually not evem a 50cent fan at all, so calling me a stan would be way off….changing your art to make money is not selling out…that would mean anybody who updates there style as the time changes is a sell out, you sound like a hipster lol changing your art to make money would only mean selling out IF THE ART WAS THERE MAIN PURPOSE…you said 50’s been “whoring” you guys out from from the begining, THATS MY POINT DUMMY lol hes been about money since the begining, so changing with the times doesn’t equal selling out…you would have to know what an artists is shooting for in order to determine that, and you just aggreed with me on what hes been about since the beggining

  • brooklyn

    @Ebert & Roper, “If you want to make the argument that he’s been whoring you guys out from the very beginning… well then I guess that says a lot more about you than him.”….actually it doesnt say anything about me, because i never stated i was a fan of his, wonder where your getting this information from

  • flowsern

    nice thing to see boo boo and em, i’d rather hear adam levine on the hook instead of guys like chris brown and neo smh .. btw, kanye sold out

  • Read a book

    I’m genuinely convinced that over half of this c-section doesn’t even know the definition of pop music. 50’s been a pop artist since “In da club”. That being said, this song is pretty terrible…

  • MyFiddyCents

    Not a Fif fan But Hmmm, Not bad at all Fif, Not all.

    Beat kinda blows though. I’ve heard those drums like a 100 times.

  • you

    Couldn’t they think of a more inventive concept than “My Life”, smh. Slaughterhouse’s single was also called My Life… and a thousand other songs as well. Such a boring concept.

    And those drums are way played out.. Used too many times.

  • ans

    @dun and everyone else: It’s simple. This is terrible music, much worse than 50’s earlier stuff. We shouldn’t lower expectations, whether he’s trying to be pop or not. This isn’t dope, period. Fuck 50.

  • Joe

    ^lmaao #1 on itunes bitch keep hating and keep listening to weezy faggot

  • Code

    smh..niggas so flaw these days. 50 ain’t garbage man. Just not relevant like he was. Never get why people dislike artist like 50 and Wayne. Niggas get cold. Appreciate what they’ve done for rap and get over it. Yall talking about 50 the same way people up and did Jarule out the blue. I’d rather 50 address any beef he has with anybody than listen to these rappers throw subliminals all day and the only response they have is ” We just young niggas gettin money”

  • lil em

    well I like it great song

  • C-los

    His lyrics are just straight bland now. You don’t gotta look into it any deeper than that

  • Powblenmg

    This is a great song tho. Why y’all hatin? Is your fav rapper Game and Buck? that’s why? 50 a legend. Em a legend. And a good choice for Adam Levine. And singles are made to SELL the album.

  • 2Pac

    lol Yall expect People to write Nice things in here?
    That’ll never happen. 90% of the comments are from the
    People that click “Nope”.
    A lot of the time, they just wanna piss off anyone willing
    to argue.

  • Teecee

    Y’all hia beeffing n sh*t!! While dey b dere poppin bottle n signing autographs n goin to shows wit b*tches n shit!! U say its bad!! Go do ur own songs n**ga!! U like it!! Den cheers to d gud lyf!! F**k Y’all!!

  • Right

    You people are dumb! These entertainers will do what ever they can to make more money! It’s not selling out, it’s called being smart and getting your cash up what ever it takes. So stfu grow up and just chill!

  • Darkseid

    50 makes a song with Adam levine its a problem.. but Kanye and Jay can perform with coldplay, big sean can perform with justin beiber and lil wayne can do songs with fall out boy. Gotcha.

  • marty mcfly

    Hip Hop needs to realize that its not at war with pop music. Do pop artists call each other sellouts when they work with hip hop artists? Of course not cause it makes no sense. 50 hasn’t been an underground hip hop artists since the early 2000s, the minute he sold ten million records he became a pop star. He tried keeping it gully on Before I Self Destruct and it was a huge mistake. Pop music is NOT at war with hip hop so its no need to be against pop music.

  • JoeMadd1

    Pop music is pop music and hip-hop is hip-hop. If 50 considered himself an MC he wouldn’t be doing a doing a song with a judge on the Voice or X-Factor or whatever the fuck talent show Adam Levine is on. 50 been commerical since the day In da Club dropped. I have nothing against being commercial/mainstream but people gotta stop acting like he’s “real” or “legendary”, there are plenty of talented mainstream/commercical artists out there, good music is good music, but 50’s made garbage music for nearly a decade. If you wanna listen to real artists don’t listen to the radio.

  • marty mcfly

    If an MC is really talented he should be able to do music with a pop star. Is Adam Levine not a good artist just because he’s the lead singer from Maroon 5. Why cant hip hop artists have him sing the hook? That dont make an MC a sellout, that just means they made a song with a singer and thats about as serious as it should be taken. Not everybody can relate to selling crack and being shot 9 times but clearly far more people can relate to this song and that should be ok. Hip Hop shouldn’t be expected to stay in a little box and pop music is just another genre of music, its not the enemy of hip hop.

  • Sancus

    The song is really MEH. It’s not the worst song in the world but it’s not great either. It’s decent but it’s not something I would play over and over again. Good for two to three listens.

    The only reason why this song is #1 on iTunes is because of Eminem.

    Honesty — y’all should try it sometimes. Real talk.

  • JoeMadd1

    @marty mcfly If you think hip-hop is contained in a little box you got search a lot more deeper than you are. 50 made his career off rapping about selling crack and being shot 9 times (which way too many rappers bit b/c thats what was poppin back then) and now he is doing a song with Adam Levine who I didn’t say is not talented but POP. Do yourself a favor and listen to a dude like say..Skyzoo and the numerous tracks he does with singers and tell me what sounds better.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont need to be put up on Skyzoo cause I been up on his music from the start. My point is why would you want 50 to make another album like Before I Self Destruct, War Angel, Big Ten and The Lost Tape? How much of that one dimensional style to you wanna hear? My point is this, what is so wrong with hip hop artists doing songs with pop stars? Isnt pop music just another style of music? So is it that serious that as hip hop fans you must hate it? Its just pop music fam its not gonna do anything to make 50 any less gangster sounding at this point.

  • marty mcfly

    And Skyzoo’s last single was a Dupstep song and thats right up there with pop (popular) music. Alot of hip hop biggest songs ever where crossover songs that played on pop culture and that is the root of pop music. The Hook part of hip hop songs were created outta the same format that pop stars used in their music before hip hop.

  • JoeMadd1

    I don’t hate it bruh, 50 is just so damn predictable and Em seems to be going in that direction as well. I wouldn’t know how 50 sounded on all those projects you mentioned b/c I didn’t bother to listen them because of that exact one dimensional style you just mentioned. I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with hip hop artists doing songs with pop stars, I just have a problem with 50 doing songs with pop stars and acting like he’s still “real” and dumb ass people saying that he’s legendary when he’s just a dude that’s sold mad records.

  • JoeMadd1

    I don’t care if it’s pop, dubstep, or dudes playin’ on upside-down buckets on the sidewalk. If it sounds good, it sounds good; garbage music is garbage music and 50 Cent(and this song) is garbage yo. That’s the only point I’m trying to make. Too many people get way too caught up on the politics of the game and record sales as if that’s what dictates quality-which is true of any genre not just hip-hop.

  • marty mcfly

    The reason 50 is real is because of his reputation in the streets not because of just his music and if you didnt even listen to his music that you most likely would consider to be “real” then he should switch it up. 50 is a pop star himself and he been a pop star for more then ten years. Most of all the hip hop legends are pop stars because what charts do they music get put on? The pop charts. Who buys their records? Fans of pop music. What kind of labels put out their music? Labels that make most their money off pop stars and pop music. Its just time that hip hop realizes that at this point hip hop itself is pop culture to a significant degree.

  • marty mcfly

    Skyzoo can do what he wants but if a good record with a pop feel came across him id advice him to think about how far he wants his music to go. Underground hip hop fans aint gonna support Skyzoo to the fullest and how many years is it gonna take before he realizes that? When Biggie made Hypnotize did that make him any less of a rapper? No and when Jay made Hard Knock Life did that make him a wack MC? No

  • JoeMadd1

    Hypnotize and Hard Knock Life are great songs period. This song is far from that, it’s mediocre at best. I feel like your misconstruing what I’m saying. Just b/c a song tops the charts doesn’t make it wack at all. You’re basically saying that a movie that tops the box office today can be put in the same category as say..The Godfather? Simply b/c they both topped the box office when they were released? You’re completely disregarding quality.

  • marty mcfly

    Im not talking about just THIS song. Im saying that hip hop fans have this notion like pop music is the enemy so hip hop artist should not be doing music with pop stars or else their sellouts. THAT is the kind of thinking that holds hip hop back. Pop music is simply a style thats it so there is nothing wrong with a hip hop artist doing a record with a pop star. You said pop music is pop music and hip hop is hip hop and if he’s considered an MC he shouldn’t be doing a song with a pop star. My opinion is if a person considers themselves as an MC then they should do music with whoever they want, including a pop star because another artist on the same record doesn’t make a MC any less of an MC. That kind of thinking doesn’t make sense cause you can still put dope lyrics on a pop song. There is no rule that says real MCs cant do pop songs.

  • first i park my car, then i fuck your bitch

    so much butthurt 50 cent fans in here. u mad bros? 50 cent been wack after GRDT dropped. how do you defend a guy who doesnt even know what direction he wants to take his music? huh? tell me? hahahahaha

  • John Doe

    Lol you frank ocean fans crack me up, writing shit up with your boyfriends over your shoulders. HAH people around you are going to listen to this and you will still be all like ‘ only i know real music ‘

  • This song is sick you haters just watch. 50 and eminem are the best EVER!

  • joe

    lmao u have to put urself in a box as to what kind of music u make ? 50 can take his music any direction he fuckin wants hes rich.. u sound ignorant lol this is a #1 record

  • slaughter

    This song is only a “sell-out” in terms of the way it’s being marketed. Musically its still pure hip-hop…that beat goes hard.

  • Pitifully Piss Poor

    …Producers MUST STOP liftin the break from Synthetic Substitution. It’s not cool, innovative, clever or classical… STOP WHORIN THE SHIT OUT. JUST STOP. It’s lamentable and perplexing as to why it’s still being allowed especially when done as poorly as this muhfuckin bullshit?!…

    @marty mcfly Hip-Hop IS the ANTITHESIS of pop music… it was [partly] born out of social/class/racial rejection/struggle i.e. the ghettos of the Bronx where their inhabitants weren’t considered part of the status quo of America and it was from here that it gained all of its [street] rawness [some would argue ugliness] and ineffable purity from. Hip-Hop IS A LIFETSTYLE NOT A MUSIC CHOICE so please stop that. Some people will NEVER understand it FULLY/PROPERLY cus they’ve NEVER/NEVER WILL LIVE(D) IT… no matter how many times you people try and say it’s not just a ghetto [Black] art-form it is and ALWAYS will be, and in no way do I mean that to limit it; however it was NOT born out of appeasing/pleasing the mainstream, it was created by us and for us in our urban/ghetto communities cus for some of us that’s all we had/have. I understand that all things evolve and modify however people MUST understand that Hip-Hop is a culture AND a lifestyle. This ain’t no fuckin game. You cant just turn it on or off when you suddenly catch a feeling of ‘Hey I wanna be street, Ghetto/Black or gangsta today’. This shit does not end when you turn your light off at night to sleep. You either live this shit or you don’t. Simple. You’re either ALL the way IN or ALL the way OUT. Like a great once said: ‘AINT NO HALF STEPPIN’. I dunno about the rest of you hipsters and no standards/low expectation muhfuckaz but I’m takin back and CLAIMING MY ART-FORM and CULTURE. If you wanna claim this pathetic recycled, whored-out bullshit as Rap, Hip-POP or whateva else thas perfectly cool [and welcomed by me] but it is NOT part of MY culture and NEVER WILL BE; neither will you… Get tha fuck out my culture and stay out. The TRUE HEADS don’t want you or your ilk over here. An’ before you say I hold/stunt Hip-Hop… naa I just have pride in my culture and parameters and I KEEP MY SHIT PURE.
    *[Digression] Dubstep IS NOT POP MUSIC it’s its own art-form. You clearly have NO IDEA of what Dubstep is or Dubstep culture so please do not insult proper/true artists like Kryptic Minds etc. Skyzoo’s latest SHIT was BROstep NOT DUBstep: MAJOR DIFFERENCE. He’s just bandwagonning like every other muhfucka currently; the industry leech yet again finding another pure and niche/culturally
    specific art-form and whoring it out to make some money just cus its a ‘different sound’… hipster shit again…

    @G smooth and @Joe since when was iTunes a true qualitative barometer of how pure and ‘good’ a song is?!?! It IS the ‘sole’ mainstream, ‘legit’ buying/downloading outlet for music contemporarily speakin… By its very definition iTunes IS pop in itself?!?! Behave. Fuckin pop listeners/hipsters…

    Co-sign @first i park my car, then i fuck your bitch, @Get A Tissue, @ans and @JoeMadd1

    @william jennings eat a dick… quick…

  • Da_Father

    How does this guy always end up getting all this money for his videos???? When other peeps in the game that have better talent can’t get half of that sponsor money : /

  • marty mcfly

    @Pitifully stupid, you can say whatever you want about what YOUR version of the culture is but that fact is Hip Hop is also a MUSIC CHOICE as well as a lifestyle. If the fans of the culture overall as a whole supports many different forms of hip hop then your simple minded opinion is not the end all be all. Hip Hop was never meant to stay in one little box and never go no where else so thats just your perspective. The Skyzoo record was DUBSTEP because thats the style of beat he rapped on and it clearly was one of the best singles he’s put out to date and thats because he understands that coming with another style sometimes is a good thing. You imply that your opinion is law well I can just say Hip Hop is now a billion dollar industry so clearly your boxed in opinion that Hip Hop must always remain as one thing and is the musical enemy of everything else has been proven wrong by the support of millions of people from all over the globe and from all different kinda walks of life and musical tastes. You gave a whole history lesson about hip hop as if your saying something new but even at the very start of hip hop it was intended to give everybody something they could enjoy not just for people born in the ghettos of the Bronx. Hip Hop is NOT just for YOU and its not just considered one style and it never was. From the very beginning it was about people bringing their own personality and style to the table within the art of hip hop culture. It was never meant to stay one thing thats why its developed passed the style of the early 1980s. Class dismissed

  • marty mcfly: Soft… Like Wet Flowers

    At risk of repeatin myself: no I just aim to keep my art-form PURE. Hip-Hop was never ‘meant’ to be sold-out to the masses of indifferent, money-fixated Pop followers either?!?! Hip-Hop was never ‘meant’ to do anything but BE?!?! And indeed be (and stay) PURE and REAL to its peoples. It was not consciously created to ‘mean’ something and fill some Pop void?!?! It is not an artificially created culture… IT happened-NATURALLY?! So to say ‘was never MEANT to stay in one little box and never go no where else’ [which, in addition, I never said it should be; I NEVER limited it or wish it to be so] like it was designed for some arbitrary purpose is redundant?! Just the same as it isn’t ‘meant’ to be whored out to the masses dickhead?!?! An’ SO FUCKIN WHAT Hip-Hop’s a billion dollar industry?! Apart from stating the obvious of the present day, THAT is also utterly irrelevant. Just cus something NOW suddenly generates money; cus everyone and their grandmother’s hopped on it, DOES NOT in ANY WAY validate or justify the DILUTION of its essence?!?! Fool. Granted that initially Hip-Hop was heavily revolved around block-parties (‘good-time’ music) it was also heavily orientated around breakin (‘serious’ gang dispute/settlement music and showin-out/skill display music {which you’d have known also if you were educated in its origins}). Furthermore it is this reason as to why it is the complete diametric of Pop i.e. THE insincere art-form vacant of SOUL and concerned ONLY with revenue generation and profit regardless of music quality/sincerity. Hip-Hop can NEVER be synonymous with this… WE were forced to put on our own block-parties because we were shut down or unwanted/prohibited from ‘partying’/joining the masses i.e. the POPulous; because were predominantly Black (and Hispanic etc. i.e. the ‘different styles’ brought to Hip-Hop your on about: I KNOW thanks) and we were of the ‘lower’ cultural and socio-economic class, and our shit was considered inferior. So consequently why the fuck should I accept ‘the Pop [hipsters]’, readily GIVE UP MY CULTURE and LIFESTYLE to the mainstream and yield this to ‘the tyranny of the majority’ [i.e. mainstream]’; that took so long to build [and was/has been passed down by the Older-Heads for me and my generation to preside over], because they’re now ready to accept me and cus it’s ‘cool’ and fashionable. Naa sorry… I think you’ll find it works invertedly an’ to the contrary… I decide if I want YOU in MY CULTURE that was never good enough or was amusing to you before… to suddenly welcome in ANY old prick into this culture who knows NOTHING about (and often relishes the fact) and VERY OFTEN THAN NOT MOCKS MY CULTURE and its idiosyncrasies IN THE POP/TABLOID MEDIA because its incomprehensible to them/simply ‘different’ [Ebonics, attire, dancing etc.] culturally. However it is NOT my fault that dickheads like yourself HAVE NO APPARENT CREATIVE FILTER or cultural quality control. I utterly concur that Hip-Hop should be diversified and revealed to others yet iff they bring somethin to Hip-Hop AND respect its HISTORY. I know I can rest assured if any TRUE-HEAD pulls my card, that I can with humility, describe its musical origins, specific historical features, the FOUR ELEMENTS of Hip-Hop, the CLASSICS [including contemporary classics etc.]. There is no room for the happily ignorant, TRENDY WEAK WANNABE COOL/DOWN PUSSIES in this culture… pussies who don’t like sayin what NEEDS to be said or dislike treadin on toes… well fuck it, I’ll gladly be the primary gambit and happily tread on some toes that NEED steppin on an’ hurt some feelins… naa YOU stick to that sugar-coated, easily ‘stomachable’ anything’ll do Hip-POP or bubblegum Pop-Rap shit we don’t want/allow you over here. Nonetheless I WILL NOT simply give Hip-Hop up to you limp-dick fucks; devoid of standards and let my culture become overly dilute and watch it melt away into some universal, some one come all ANY OLD SHIT’LL DO art-form where talentless, SOULless and/or ignorant fucks [of the culture and its heritage] can be allowed to persist an’ defile it in any way they choose because it has become TOO liberal and where the ANYTHING goes attitude prevails. People have literally given their lives for this culture whether it be from B-boy/gang/posse disagreements, graffing wars or over sonic battles an’ cyphas… so I will not let THEIR memory be shitted on by SOF’ muhfucakz like you who implore, perpetuate and DEFEND ANY OLD SHIT because it’s ‘progressive’, ‘new’ or cus you want us to ‘all get along’ harmoniously an’ be inclusive. If I have to be in the minority or one of the first [few] who stands up and says this can longer continue and is ostracized for it then so be it. I’M PRESERVING THIS SHIT… THIS IS A WAY OF LIFE NOT A DIGITAL POP TREND THAT IS READILY EXTINGUISHABLE AS AND WHEN IT SUITS… Fuck that and ALL its dilutant proponents. WEAK, SOF’ fucks like yourself are BETTER off out of this [selective] thing we call Hip-Hop… you are indeed its all welcoming, pro-non-discernment toxicant.

    [**Digression** No Skyzoo’s latest was NOT DUBstep it was BROstep; for the second time. Like I said DO NOT speak on shit you quite clearly have no or very little knowledge of. You quite evidently have been to a sum total of ZERO DUBSTEP RAVES in your lifetime. YOU listen to that Pop Bro-step shit [and think its the preceding original?!l [*IGNORANCE*]. Just because you’ve heard a few Bro-step tunes in the POP charts of late and just because a tune has a little distorted/modulated bass and the odd wobble or two (if any) DOES NOT make it {TRUE} Dubstep. THIS is even less, as proper Dubstep does/did NOT have a RAPPING EMCEE OVER THE TOP OF IT; STRAIGHT INSTRUMENTAL boy. It was sound ALONE (generally) and or an emcee toastin [intermittently] over top of it; for the PURITY OF THE SOUND. NOT STRUCTURED, SET, specifically PRE-PLANNED lyrics over the top i.e. RAPS?!!. If YOU were a true Dub-Head and/or a student of that culture you would know this and would not be petulantly arguing cus you got schooled initially [AND AGAIN]; however, you yet again demonstrate and bask, contentedly in your own ignorance. Thus my above point is hereby EXEMPLIFIED; i.e. the [RESPECTFUL] UPHOLDING OF STANDARDS WITHIN A CULTURE, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE NOT FULLY EMMERSED WITHIN IT (which YOU clearly ARE NOT). PLEASE for your own ignorant sake go listen to KRYPTIC MINDS, COKI, N-TYPE or some shit and get some understanding of and respect for proper Dubstep music… sheer insolence.]… Like Jules said in Pulp Fiction: ‘YOU’RE THE WEAK’… ‘Open-armed’, indisciplined, non-veracious people like yourself and your ilk are dysgenic to Hip-Hop [and ALL other niche art-forms]. #Neophyte Vs. #Purist

    …P.S. since when did students give a fuck about what the SUBSTITUTE teacher had to say?!?! Come on now… behave yourself… class was never dismissed… *class dismissed*


  • marty mcfly

    EVERY THING you just said is complete bullshit because you are talking as if your the gatekeeper of hip hop and your not. YOU have the choice to listen to whatever you want and so does everybody else. You are not the authority in hip hop at all whatsoever. You keep going on and on about the culture but you choose not to accept that it has grown beyond just one dimension at this point BUT that doesn’t mean that the pure artform of hip hop is not still around and available for you to get. All my favorite hip hop albums are hardcore purist sounding type of albums from back in he day up until now. Clearly you have not read too many of my comments on this site before because I’ve talked about so much underground sounding shit that fools label Me as the angry hip hop head alot of the time so dont be quick to assume you know what type of listener the other person is just because there’s a difference in opinion. Im not just a fan fool, I’ve lived the culture and participated in most of the elements of it and as for the essence of the culture that you describe as being the true representation of hip hop is the culture and kind of upbringing that I was born into from day one. I didnt have to choose hip hop culture, I was born with it already in me and around me. Now musically speaking Cats And Dogs was my favorite album last year and Trophies is in my top 3 this year but its no real need to explain the kind of music I prefer to you. However I do still accept that there are other tastes and styles out there for people and they have the freedom to listen to and make any kind of hip hop they want. Some of the shit you probably hate the most because it crossed over actually did more positive for the culture then negative overall. Its opened doors for alot of people and made a way for many people to have careers and longevity and it united people from all different cultures across the board. Yes the mainstream has some negative effect but anytime a genre of music is around for 25 plus years it evolves and changes with the time. Thats common sense and you cant do shit about it either way so save all the bullshit. All this crazy angry shit you talking about sounds stupid because first of all nobody is telling you to listen to anything you dont want to and 2nd, again you have NO authority in hip hop to say who can and who cant be apart of the culture. You did not invent hip hop or build hip hop and most likely some of the same artists you hate in hip hop have done more for the culture then you have. Lastly I made the Dupstep comment cause I could tell you would react like a little bitch but ill say this. Brostep was born outta Dubstep so I could indeed still make the argument that the Skyzoo song was Dupstep. LOL now fix your face and stop acting like an angry little bitch. Smh