Ab-Soul – Absolute Assassin (prod. Worldwardrew)

blame it on Meka November 27, 2012

The dopehouse and the Soul Assassins crew bring to you the latest Soul Assassins Freestyle Session, featuring the Black Lip Bastard of the TDE crew.

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  • Mike Tomlin

    What else would you expect?

  • EricDean

    … can someone please provide me with three of Ab-Soul’s BEST songs so I can get a good understanding of the hype surrounding him? Thanks.

    • Ayyyy

      Terrorist threats
      Pineal gland
      Gone insane

    • Jay R

      Terrorist threats, Pineal Gland, Gone Insane.. All of his shit. YouTube search him.

    • Turn me up,

    • Pell

      Bankrupt, bankrupt, bankrupt

      • norman


  • whodat

    @EricDean book of soul, long term(long term 1), can anybody hear me…3 songs isnt enough tho..lsten to his long term 1,2,longterm mentality, and control sytem tapes

  • weednbrew

    “A Day in the Life”
    “Terrorist Threats”
    “Ab-Soul’s Outro”
    “Hell Yeah”

    just listen to the tapes and then buy the albums

  • wat

    Listen to his verses in Black Hippy’s Toca Tuesday freestyle video.

  • 2

    “Picture That”
    “Studio Life”

  • T

    There’s not even any hype around him. Him and Jay Rock are the underrated TDE members. I always sound like a hipster when I say Soul and Rock are my favorite members because they’re the least known.

  • yawkyawkyawk

    Every member in Black Hippy in there on right but Ab-Soul and Kendrick are the best. No contest. Ever

  • Mike Tomlin

    Kendrick > Soul > Q > Rock

    But thats not even fair to Soul, Q or Rock because they are all dope AF in their own right.

  • Varun

    People who usually dont get Ab-soul are persons who dont understand the lyrics. To get a better understanding of who Soul is you got to go listen to all his stuff its like a movie built up to this point its truly amazing.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Its funny people say Gone Insane because as dope as Control System is, Gone Insane is still my favorite Soul song.

  • Samatic

    My favorite 3 are:
    Real Thinkers
    Time is of the Essence
    Gone insane

    Word up to the DOE Burger!

  • The Lyricist

    Check out Joe Burden’s mixtape ‘A Loose Quarter’. Best song on there is called Cut From A Different Cloth and Soul is on it.

  • jblaq

    Danny Brown is pretty sick too

  • CPR

    why isnt anyone saying “Illuminate” that is deffinetly absouls best song

  • wat

    How dare you say Q is better than Jay Rock? Yeah they’re all dope but Rock is a lot better than Q.

  • Omeed


    there it is

  • Can you here me now?


    Imo soulos best record. “this shit is like the calm before the storm. Like lil kids playing in Japan before hiroshima got bombed on” nuff said. I get chills whenever I hear that.

    If you wanna check out ab-soul and Kendrick side by side lyric-wise listen to “rapper shit”

  • ab-soul ‏@abdashsoul

    For the record I had nothing to do with this soul assassins track, they made it when I did a freestyle for em…not really my type of joint

  • markaveli

    turn me up
    black lip bastard orginal

  • smith

    there it is
    Omeed said this on November 27th, 2012 at 5:52 pm


  • Farkay

    Ab-soul is unique one.. He’s gonna develop his own hip hop genre, it should be called Soulorap, He is simply genius, sooner or later you’ll realize that even Kendrick even Q or Rock NO ONE is better than him!

  • the realest

    the nigga look like a fake wish bone to me lmao