Action Bronson Brings Out Alchemist in San Francisco (Video)

blame it on Illy November 27, 2012

Action Bronson put on a show at The Independent in San Francisco, California this past Sunday performing tracks from his Blue Chips mixtape. He even brought out Alchemist who hit the stage for his 2004 classic, “Hold You Down.”

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  • Craig

    Haha I must’ve been standing right next to the camera man in the opening clip… a lil later I can hear my girlfriend’s voice. Was a dope show.

  • Zack

    Yeah show was outrageous. From Bam Bam pouring out cognac for the crowd to the conga line to the Alc surprise.. Plus the fact that Bronson handed me the mic and let me do Riff’s verse on “Hot Shots Part Deux”.

  • really like the guys music but PLEASE learn your OWN fuckin lyrics already. You know this niggas gettin like 2 to 5k a show to fuck his words up when THIS is all he does?!

    cats should be a little more pissed about it. they get in an uproar about MF Doom and then this guy does this??

  • Craig

    Oh yeah I got the last drink he poured! Haha show was dope he wasn’t forgetting his lyrics too bad wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Blu. The couple times it happened it seemed like everyone kinda laughed it off

  • That shit tight. Big action bronson go hard

  • Looks like it was a tight show…

  • Rude Judy

    The “9-24-11” beat goes SO hard. Gotta go unscrew my face.