• http://gmail KJtheking30

    Sadly enough I can remember that lmao. That shit had me cryin.

  • HardWhite

    why they put tracks with jim jones on here? don't they know them dudes been beefin forever

  • James

    So what if they been beefin? It's all about the music, fuck that beef shit. #CantStopTheWave

  • http://thehusker.com MidWestFlyest

    So many dudes jock Biggavelli's style to this day, sux they basically locked this dude up and threw away the key.They should have put "Ballin" on the list since he wrote that shit too. Hopefully he gets some love on his appeal. #PARDONTHEWAVE #OWWWWWW

  • Davey

    "for what Max Biggavel has contributed to modern day hip-hop culture"

    WHAT!? this fool did NOTHING for Hip Hop culture. what did he do that was so good? ghostwrite for Jim Jones? sing very badly on songs? flash his money foolishly on camera and then end up in jail? what a contribution!

  • Pssst

    Where's Max B?

  • Moss

    this shit brought up some memories im glad to work wit tha dude. Max B was dope i remember that studio session like it was yesterday. I did that "Try Me" track... i was hopin they did that "Take the Game" when i was looking at the playlist.. but im glad to make the list tho!!!!

  • Jordan

    Is that Max B or Steven A Smith?

  • @Mass

    And who the fuck are you exactly?

  • iSaidThis

    Thats Prob Moss of MoSS Beats, he's done work with M.O.P. and AZ to name a few... get ya head out of the blogs and read credits dude and stop acting tough!

  • you


    You full of shit dude

  • 2Pac

    Max actually did contribute to Hip-Hip. He didnt know He was doin it when He did it. He was just livin like He had no tomorrows because He had 70 Years over His head.

    I think if more Artists / Musicians did the same, Music (in general) would be better.

  • dre nova

    max b's best song is "why u do that" and its not on here....that shoulda been the 1st or last track