• r e c k

    Jay owns 1/15 of 1% of the Brooklyn Nets. Thats like someone buying a plane ticket on Delta and claiming to be an owner. just sayin

  • saaeeed

    What millionaire board meetings do you sit in on?

  • ACMG

    LOL always someone trying to one up someone..

  • nyckkkid

    R e c k You probably don't even own 1% of your parent's basement.

  • Verdad

    BKLYN Taxpayers own a bigger percentage of the team than Joe Camel.

  • krs1

    And with that percent he designed the logo the jersey colors and motioned they battle the knicks for new york he owned more and they bought his shares back.

  • Supaman

    To talk negative about Jay-Z's ownership percentage, you should at least be able to buy a courtside seat next to him...I'm guessing you cant *shrug*

  • C-los

    Every team in NY has New York on the name except the Nets so fuck 'em. You get no love from New York if you don't claim New York

  • G Shit

    Knicks are New York
    Nets are newcomers, New York dont want em