Juelz Santana – Bodies f. Lil’ Reese

blame it on Meka November 27, 2012

The first incarnation of this track was an unfinished version (of course they always are…), but here is the (official) first single from Juelz Santana’s new mixtape, God Will’n.

  • Ya lost it bruh

    Hey heyyyy… new Juelz Santanaaaa… I remember when this nobody once was a somebody… lol.

  • He had such promise, now he has resorted to GBE features, looks like stars fall a lot faster than they rise.

  • beejay

    What is he doing smh

  • Mike Tomlin

    Was just wondering last night when we would hear something from his mixtapes. This dudes career peaked in 05 and hasnt done shit since. If he can return to that form then Im excited, otherwise nahh

  • Lyrical ability>street credibility

  • Good Peoples

    @fuckswag Why b/c you ain’t got none ! “street credibility”

  • If this is swag, then yeah fuck that shit. And if I have to beat on girls to get “street cred” then I don’t want that either cuz retards like u care more about style than content.
    These dudes ain’t got no skillz period! Besides Young Chop made these niggas and if you don’t see that than u playin yourself.


    ^^ Yo you would never say that to their face you fairy. You’d get either mobbed on or your family would pray for you. Don’t mess with them kids in hoodies at night boy! Stick to what you know!

  • LOL I never said I trapped. And why am I a fairy for pointing out facts- dude beats on girls and has no lyrics. I’m not a thug and I don’t claim to be. And if my life is in danger for bein REAL, then they should just eliminate the whole c-section altogether if criticism is the basis for retaliation. like I said before, if it weren’t for Young Chop we ain’t even talking bout these lames. #TRUTHHURTS

  • Sorry to strike such a nerve with you and your bad taste in music, shows what a lil bitch you are for gettin so butt-hurt. Btw I love the hate, keep up the good work.

  • Two women beaters…but i still fuck with em…im sure they kno they was wrong for that…

  • reese is a poor lyricist thoo..

  • Punch-A-Bitch

    Dudes who beat on women keep it MAD REAL. I support dem niggas.