• xastey

    now someone tell me who that first chick was

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    Not sure if the video is visible

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    Ah nvm

  • mineisbigger

    who was the second chick?????????? all i know is she is bad...not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good!!!!!!!

  • woooooooooooot

    NO RAVEN??!?!?!?!

  • $$$

    Like & Mibbs though...

  • Antyon

    First blonde chick on the couch is Ashley nett

  • anthony

    Mac Miller haters in hiding.

  • damn

    Ashley Nett is like the queen of Tumblr. see that chick everywhere

  • INS

    shame raven isn't in it..!