Skylar Grey – C’mon Let Me Ride f. Eminem

blame it on Illy November 27, 2012

Here goes a radio rip of Skylar Grey’s newest single with Eminem appearing on her upcoming album, Don’t Look Down, executively produced by Marshall himself, arriving next year. Shouts to HHNM.

  • TheQuint

    He’s fucking her.. why else would she get a feature?

  • LexiCon

    wow…this is the worst shit I’ve heard so far… it makes me wonder: 1) how many times is that chick gonna change her image/personality? 2) who produced that ugly awful beat? 3) how did Eminem become so wack and annoying so fast? He should retire for sure.


    ^same old comment eminem still a beast and its a pop song what did you expect a beat with booming 808’s and rapid hi hats?

  • @justineddie

    Eminem is the problem. Not his lyrics. He’s just not a good executive producer. Slaughterhouse was a mess. Name a good album he executived??

  • LexiCon

    ^ I expected something decent from these people! You know “Love the way you lie” and “Love the way you lie Part 2” were written by the same people – Skylar Grey, Eminem and Alex da Kid. Those were great pop songs. But this shit right here is wack!

  • Artclasshero

    I tried to stand the track but it’s the worst. I almost expected Em’s verse to be terrible but he doesn’t do many of those. But Until the CDQ drops and someone just does a version with Em I’m gonna go ahead and do these TPS reports instead of listening to this again. yeahhhhhh

  • david

    Em’s dropped nice albums in the past but he fell the fuck off, cliché thing to say but it’s true, his fans still support though and that’s why he keeps putting out mockery material, same with 3K, both prime examples of sell outs and should start lending verses to talented MCs rather than pop broads and gimmick rappers if they wanna earn back the respect they gained with their previous work, call me a hater but you’re lying to yourself if you gave this a thumbs up

  • I dont get it. The song is a pop son why are yall looking at it like its some odee lyrical shit. ITs skylar gray on the beat not Lauren Hill. I swear yall niggas is dumb. Not to mention on a simplistic beat eminem still bodied this shit. BUt yall are probably the same people that thought his collabo on Romans Revenge was nice and had a ill beat. I swear yall niggas dont know shit about shit. Slaughter house had to go mainstream. HOw man of yall Bought their first album “slaughterhouse” back in 2009… Oh ok None of yall . But em produced it and gave it some tracks that have and had Radio play. If it wasnt for Eminem Do u think slaughterhouse would be as successful as they are right now. nd yelawolf. That nigga is 32 and has dozens of mix-tapes. but not any of them had enough for radio play. Em helped yelawolf, Nigga has songs on 2k12 a champs commercial and he on tour. Is he a Dr. Dre on the beats? no But GOD FUCKIN DAMN stop Complaining. If you cant do what Eminem is doing OR Better. Shut Up.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Corey speakin’ the truth. PREACH.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    @TheQuint Ummmm… cause they’re frequent collaborators you dumb fuck.

  • Frylock

    @Corey Gomez couldn’t agree more. more than half of these niggas are brain dead, so don’t mind them.

  • HardWhite

    yooo this gotta be the new slut anthem foreal. not suprised em got on this though he been doin nothin but pop music ever since he came back. and lol at corey gamerz catchin feelins. people can feel how they wanna feel don’t freak out because people have an opinion that’s different then yours

  • Slaughterhouse

    Say what you want but this is a GOOD pop song. I understand that not every genre of music is for everybody but I take it for what it is, a good, catchy pop song. That’s it. Skylar’s dope. As for the Em verse? Um. It was enjoyable. Way better than that disaster on ‘Numb’.

  • Angel

    Y’all Haters Make Me Fuckin Laugh SOOO Much This Song is Dope af If It Was Someone Else You Would See It As Dope STFU Dumbasses Eminem & Skylar Killed This Song

  • Killaaa

    song sucks. em was coo.

  • FoReal

    fag boys listen to pop. nuff said

  • @corey U tha shit bro. So true and u sum the whole shady situation up. I bet tat song gonna get a great the POP Audience cuz that’s the audience they targetting with a song like tis. I got the first Slaughterhouse project but i Really enjoyed the second one too.

  • If your complaining you obviously didnt see this for what it is. Sure its pop and aimed at kids but its actually kind of funny and catchy its something i could see my lil sister singing without realizing its all about sex lol. Im still not buying into all the hate that eminem has lost it I feel more like he truly doesnt give a fuck now and its why hes just milking the game with pop shit right now. Must say when i first heard that juggernauts track on slaughterhouse mixtape before midway through i was dying for an em verse on it.

    Oh and to whoever said eminem couldnt executive produce well I’d have to disagree with your opinion the Tupac album he executive produced was well amazing. Pretty sure he was an executive producer on a few of his own diamond/ platinum albums. Guess that means your opinion is well just not shared by the masses. :D Hmmm wonder if him and royce alubm last year was executive produced by him too…

  • Word. People dont understand. Trust me im a die hard eminem fan. But you have to realized he sealed his name in the history of rap already. Now hes doing business. Do you know how much success Shady Records is going to have now that he has A Rock/Rap artist and A Pop artist. Yall have to look at it as a big pictue. Dude said “only Fag boys listen to pop” I bet you he listens to drake (pop artist) Lil Wayne (pop artist) You cant be one dimensional anymore in the rap game.

  • Zman

    All these idiots saying it sucks. It’s like a parody. A commentary on the over sexual music today. It’s satirical. You guys should learn to pay attention.

  • Shockie

    keep calm and read coreys comment

  • iDre

    this song is fucking hilarious.. y’all gotta stop being so uptight man..

  • Slaughterhouse

    Word to Corey & Zman.

    Dude’s are too ‘hard’ to listen to anything besides ‘hip-hop’. I find that hilarious.

  • Mack

    Eminem used to be able to make silly pop songs and still spit dope verses. The Real Slim Shady, Without Me, Business etc weren’t serious songs yet he still killed lyrically. This song sounds stupid and I’d be embarrassed to listen to it in public.

  • e

    bicycle means dick.

  • EMINEM is the best M’f Rapper!!!!!!!!
    thats just it