Wiz Khalifa Freestyles on K104FM (Video)

While on a promo run dropping the 411 on O.N.I.F.C., Wiz also dropped a freestyle.

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  • Jones

    don't hurt yaself

  • Davey

    "i spit half a bar............think for half a bar.......somethin bout my money..........somethin bout a car"

  • Nick

    Ohhhhhh shit! You hear that??? Dude just dropped 4 bars!!!

  • Let's be REAL... That was WEAK! Not 100 Wiz!

  • ok, so we see wiz cant freestyle..

  • Dats still my nigga doe

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    DEAD at Daveys comment. Lmao.

  • asdsa

    He used to be a great freestyler... what happened.

  • 91&^uP

    wiz got a brain transplant around '09 i think.

  • Joe Bananas

    *DEAD at that still shot* *Apt metaphor*

    @Davey you got me LMFAO *Wipes tears from eyes*

    Didnt even press play on this shit (SHIT being the operative word) to KNOW it was WACK.AS.FUCK....

    @91&^uP Naaaa fam, muhfucka didnt get a transplant... he just got married to some baal-head, gold-diggin, soul-suckin, talent vacuum hoe...

    'Have you ever ever ever,
    In your long legged life,
    Had a bald-headed bitch
    For your bald-headed wife?!' R.I.P.

    ...and I'm out...

  • B ReaL

    this nigga is such a cornball and gay as fuck now I used to dig his music now everything he's put out in the last few years is straight trash

  • silence

    Joe bananas doesn't press play, but writes a long ass comment... When hating defies logic, and self-benefit.

    This shit did suck tho.

  • aint that some bullshit?

    ^ fucking this! @silence on it! thats like every single hater on this blog. never pressing play but always having a long ass comment to say.


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