Wiz Khalifa on 106 & Park (Video)

blame it on Illy November 27, 2012

Before premiering his latest clip with Cam’ron, Wiz stopped by 106 & Park to talk about becoming a father, Thanksgiving, the 2050 Tour, Cam’ron, O.N.I.F.C., and more.

  • High School

    Don’t let the shitster moustache fool you. Wiz Khalifa is slowly transforming into a lesbian.

  • niggawhat

    lol wtf^

  • Watch kids.

    Kids, look at someone like Wiz Khalifa.

    Notice how his pants are above his ass, his clothes fit him, and he speaks in a way that people can understand him, and have a conversation with him.

    This is what you want to be like.
    You don’t want to have your pants at your knees saying: “my nigga this bitch was so bad nigga. but she didnt want me nigga. prolly cuz i talk like a fucking dumb ass nigga nigga”

    Wiz Khalifa – civilized, intelligent young black man. Watch and learn, kids.

  • lol

    lol i like how wiz makes those other 2 dudes(bow wow and that other clown) look stupid in his presence….

    wiz has on thousand dollar jeans…bow wow has on a snapback.
    “them niggas stole my swag but i dont want it back”

  • WHAT?!?!


    Kids- knock up a hooker, dress like a dyke, smoke weed constantly and idly hate on any kind of productive activity that comes your way. Tattoo your eyeballs with a bunch of meaningless scribbles, and spend your life pretending you’re ten years younger than you actually are (so the people in that age group buy your shit). And for the love of God, NEVER say anything meaningful; somebody might think you’re not high enough.

    Be like that, kids. Just as long as your pants are pulled up properly.

  • I may not enjoy Wiz’s music, but i respect him as an artist and like his style (sometimes).

  • wat

    Man niggas are accepting that blond hair shit? smh