Cassidy Speaks On Battling Meek Mill (Video)

blame it on Meka November 28, 2012

“I said I wanted to get it poppin’ and battle but he ain’t respond and he ain’t wanna do it.”

So says Barry Reese to Sway In The Morning on his attempt to take up Meek Mill on his $100,000 rap battle. At this point it will probably never happen, but one can dream right?

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  • Mel

    Murda Mook will murda Cassidy lyrically, he not even on his level. I listen to Cassidy’s shit and aint nothing really special, for example that battle he had with Freeway was pure garbage! I heard Meek Mill’s shit, and he sucks at battling too, all you hear is rhymes, that’s it, nothing else, no metaphors, nothing. They both suck at battling! Cassidy only only knows how to deliver and he slow at it so it makes him look like he actually saying a lot, he only got bout 1 line for every 10 that is kinda good. Can someone really point me out to a real Cassidy battle? cause all you find is videos bout him talking about himself battling and no real battles. I didn’t even find one of him going at it for long besides a 4 minute video of him spitting garbage bars. Too overrated for the battle game. For all those years he say he been in this, youtube would’ve had some shit, come on son’. I think any of those rappers in Smack TV would make him look like a fool.

  • D

    that cartoon battle was mad funny.