Game Speaks On 50 Cent’s “My Life” (Video)

blame it on Meka November 28, 2012

As if he didn’t have enough issues dealing with Shyne, now Game says he may respond to his long-standing rival after Curtis said his name on his newest single.

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  • RED-bWs

    Game, show em how it’s done. Murder this clown again.

  • who cares

    Honestly he shouldn’t even care. The song is garbage as fuck, and this is coming from someone who’s been down with 50 forever.

  • Adam Levine was the worst one on the song. and I’m a fan. Eminem ripped it and 50 was just okay.

  • Powblenmg

    come on b. Game you been dissing 50 in like 20/30 songs. Now you just happy he know you. Stop dissin, make a good album. RED was garbage.

  • Yooo

    This nigga said he killed the whole g unit label lol. bipolar ass nigga wanted a reunion a month ago lol him and 50 both fell of but u cant say anything about banks coz that nigga is really talented compared to game. Banks will outrap game in anyway. Nobody can tell me that game is better than banks in any way possible. If u really think game is better than banks u should do little research before u make a comment!!!

  • sha

    I fucks with both 50 and game.. 50 shouldnt have even mentioned them in the song.. thats the past find something else to rap about and game shouldnt even waste his time just make sure “jesus piece” is dope

  • marty mcfly

    @Yooo, Banks is not that dope and I actually think he’s a good MC but his music is just not that good and in comparison to Game the numbers speak for themselves and so do the bars. As for as if Game killed the whole G Unit? I dont know if he did or didn’t but if you look at when the Unit fell off, it was right at the time Game had been on the G Unot campaign. After he dropped 300 bars, 50s albums dropped in sales by probably something like 50% and Banks 2nd album sales stopped completely. Its no way to know really what happened but Game could’ve been part of the reason.

  • daveg

    Banks needs to clear his throat and get some dope production before he can compete with Game. Hunger For More was incredible but his other albums don’t sound the same. Clear the throat, mix your vocals, and get good production and THEN it’ll be a wrap.


    @sha Exactly!

  • LIL B

    lol 50 sucks and game is the best. JESUS PIECE BABY! – LIL B

  • Frylock

    so game is really gonna respond to one line with more than 300 bars? i don’t know why you biggin this nigga because that sounds like some emotional shit. if one line from 50 can make this nigga game make a whole twenty minute song then you niggas are probably emotional bi-polar females just like game. thats some sucka shit lmao

  • marty mcfly

    Maybe the reason why Game does so many bars is because he just likes rapping. It dont have to be emotional at all cause its obvious Game likes making diss records, thats why there so many bars.

  • Mike

    He def should diss G-unit & 50 again, those bars did shut them up! lol

  • 2

    as of now, banks >> game, game is very hit or miss

  • Yooo

    @marty idk what to tell u. All im saying is that banks is way better than game with hes delivery, punchlines, metaphors, lyricism and beat chosing if dre isnt giving game beats lol plus game got no bars comparing to banks man do ur history game wasnt even around when banks was dropping hit . game was stripping that time or on that change of hearts show lol

    second thing is that game likes dissing records due to the facts that he loves name dropping and its easier For him to rhyme. He has a week delivery poor lyrics and 5th grade punchlines

    u really think game is the reason why 50 sold 600,000 copies while kanye sold 800,000 in the same week? i think 50 just slighty went pop on curtis and then just lost all the momentume on bisd and just fell the fuck of due to hes business and movie making moves rather then being in the rap game. 50 been done for a while but game never made anything that makes u want to go back after several years and listen to it unless u go across hes shit accidently. what numbers are u talking about? and directly towards who banks or 50? coz i kno game aint even close with 50 sales. banks and game are equal sale wise but sales have nothing to do with how good the rappers are. u obviously will sell alot if u have 22 futures out of 21 songs (98k) but it doesnt matter sales dont matter.

  • marty mcfly

    Banks is definitely more miss then hit. Id say Game probably has twice as many hits as Banks and thats whether your talking numbers or just dope songs in general. This aint about defending Game but at least come with some shit based in reality.

  • marty mcfly

    @Yooo, you wanna talk bars and delivery etc? I dont think you’ve listen to Game much cause its no way Banks can match this MC. You wanna talk about beat picking? COMEONSON, Game wins there too. You never heard a Game album or Mixtape? Well i’ve heard Banks and I can tell you almost exactly how every song will sound from the beats to the bars and the delivery. You cant really predict a Game record. Last year it was Im The King and Red Nation and this year its Celebration and Black Jesus? Those records are all on some different shit. As far as the Game vs G Unit beef. I cant tell you in Cali Game definitely took some 50 fans out Gunits pockets for sure. 50 and the Unit in general took a nose dive before the 50 and Kanye challenge and some of that had to do with Game doing to 50 what 50 was doing to Ja. Game dropped whole mixtape series purely dedicated to destroying anything G Unit related and in Cali it definitely had an effect.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean, I caN tell you in Cali Game took some 50 fans outta 50s pockets. And again I like Banks but just saying though.

  • Yooo

    @marty i think ur a game fan(clearly) and im a banks fan (clearly) . so no matter what we tell each other wont have any affect lol but give me a game song that is better than lloyd banks victory song and then give me a best game song and ill give u 5 better songs from banks!!!

    I dont kno hows cali but i kno in the city they fuck with banks but comon man its cali they have to fuck with game. plus dont tell me this is how we do or hate it or love it wasnt the first songs u heard game on and it grew on u coz u prolly was a 50 fan before game!!!

  • marty mcfly

    @Yooo, you dont have to be a Game fan cause even a Banks fan would prolly agree. Id say Games Jail Call freestyle is better then Victory or I’ll Find You or any hundred plus bar freestyle and id say pick any song from Game that obviously is meant to be a hardcore lyrical record like Compton or Scream On Em or Let Us Live or Ricky or The Town, BulletProof Wallets, New Jack City etc and its obvious. You got Game and Banks and each has 100 plus songs so we cant go back and forth because we’ll being forever but what I can tell you is I could name more well rounded songs from Game and more songs with different styles and more hardcore songs from Game then Banks. And Banks can do all then word tricks he wants but the redundancy of his style and that voice and that delivery is gonna get old faster then Game and that has been proven by their careers outside of just bars cause its an obvious difference in reception from the fans. You dont have to be a Game fan to see that.

  • Yooo

    good company
    top 5
    shoutside story
    Til the end
    All banks workout parts
    . game has no originality, drops names in every song, sounds same on every single song, no delivery, no word play at all, no lyrics, no metaphorss. im done talking to ur groupie ass. i sound like a groupie too but atleast i have real songs that prove that banks got lyrics,punchlines, metaphors,delivery, word play, bars and story telling unlike game. and i just chose this songs top of my head. Theres lot more!!!


    50 CENT U SUCK. – LIL B

  • marty mcfly

    @Yooo, I’ll give you Southside Story but those other songs aint that dope. Those songs I listed damn near slaughter those songs with ease and correction that one song is called Bulletproof Diaries not Wallets (thats a Ghostface album) but anyway. Banks wordplay aint that complicated either its some basic yada yada except he sounds like a donkey muppet baby when he raps.


  • Sinister

    what happen game fans ya got ya feelings hurt like ur fake blood wak rapper game dis nikka a drama queen cmon fif told the truth u not a real nikka ur name defines u itself ur a game no one can take him serious he a joke

  • Njabulo

    Lil B haha you think Game beter than Fif well Fif will Ja Rule him GGGGG- unit!!!

  • njabulo

    Lil B aka Lil B#*ch Street King Immortal Rules