Ludacris - Tell Me What They Mad For f. Pusha T & Swizz Beatz [Snippet]

Ziploc P seems to be attacking Weezy & Co. once again. Shouts to Splash.

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  • efg

    this fucking guy. then next week "it wasnt about anybody specific". guys a cowards

  • tmlp103

    pusha & luda just attckin wayne cus they need hype

  • chap

    Big Sean didn't work for Luda so he goin at Wayne now? These rappers thirsty for attention

  • ew

    niggas is thirsty

  • justafan

    how is luda and pusha thirsty lil wayne isn't doing anything relevant right now.

  • DoubleClutch95

    Rapper of the Year: King Push!

  • Miss B.Hop

    I dont miss luda's cornrows at all.

  • Joe Bananas

    Sounds ominously dope...

  • gew

    @justafan lil wayne been relevant for the past 10 years gftfoh. and pusha stories only get comments when he's talking about wayne. nuff said

  • HiiiLife

    #WhatsBeef? #Hahahaha

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    Lyrically Luda and Pusha are better.. just sayin hah
    Worst line of the year... "suck some d*ck for some truckfit" hahaha really!?

  • Vermont

    ^Close but actually it's "ain't no thang but a chicken wing"

    • Can you here me now?

      Sarcasm? Or does someone need to brush this guy up?

  • Classic

    man on some real shit,some of ya'll gotta get off that wayne bandwagon.You're on his dxck more than a condom,relevant or not wayne does suck. Can't say that Pusha is the greatest but lyrically he IS better than wayne,to say he's not you would be lying to yourself.


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