Shyne – Bury Judas (Game Diss)

blame it on Meka November 28, 2012

This thing just won’t stop, won’t it… what was originally an acapella freestyle in Paris is now a brand new song. I will say this: I’ve gotten used to Shyne’s voice finally.

  • The biggest fail in hip hop is when Shyne got out of jail. What a fucking let down.

  • Artclasshero

    …I can’t….I just can’t.

  • The Boogie Monster

    Shyne is wack now but i ain’t gonna hate on him just because he doesn’t like Kendricks album

  • randy

    he sample goldberg’s entrance theme rofl

    surprisingly dope

  • Song’s better than the freestyle. He sounds a lot less ‘tard.

  • Mike Diesel

    R.I.P GAME

  • Powblenmg

    This song hard tho hahaha. I digged GKMC, but you can’t hate Shyne for HIS opinion. Saying ‘the beats was wack on GKMC, but the kid is good’ HOW THAT HATING ON KDOT?

  • ShowBiz

    Is Shyne a retard? Sounds like one.

  • damn game is getting humiliated, no gangsta rapper should ever be humiliated. i cant listen to one blood if he is letting people slide

  • bro if i was a rapper.. you cant have people talking smack and not use enforcement

  • people are dissing shyne and he is not doing anything about it. his two albums are not real.

  • TDE>shyne

    this sound like the annoying dude on the street trying to play his shitty non mastered mixtape off his walkman. TRASH

  • marty mcfly

    This was amusing but I wouldn’t say Game is on the losing end of this battle, unless he just backs down like Pusha T did from Wayne when it was time to make a real diss record. Its like a 99% chance Game will respond and it’ll be soon and chances are its gonna be crazy.

  • Damn Shyne, damn. smh

  • GeeZuP

    I think this whole dispute between Shyne and Game is fuckin stupid over another nigga’s album. I think Shyne still got bars but his delivery could be 10X better


    this nigga’s delivery horrible, he sound like Gunplay smoked one too many cigarettes

  • SMH

    Game, please forgive him, for he knows not the SHIT he just stepped in…

  • Come on now

    ?! *Confusion* How you gonna use a figure from the New Testament to title and base your diss on and your allegedly a convert to [Orthodox] Judaism?!?! Illogical…

  • 2

    shyne was a fucking boss when he was rapping about the drug game but what the fuck is he doing now? studying jewish shit all day?