• http://twitter.com/gametheory420 4:20

    That's a crazy story! i cant imagine how pissed daytona was to lose an 88 keys track haha but this is dope, YOU AIN'T LOW

  • 2

    this guy is slept on too much imo

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    ^^^^ I've been saying that since The Interlude 2 came out. Every time I read a Daytona post it has like 5 comments on it. This dude is one of my favorite new rappers & I think he is the best New York rapper right now. Smoke DZA is another dope NYC rapper, but he has more buzz than Kid, probably cuz of the pothead image & working with Curren$y. DZA & Daytona should keep working together, it'll be good for both of them & for NYC hiphop.

  • WuTang4Eva

    Lol I was on an airplane all day, listening to Daytona's entire collection, and I come home and see this.