Yasiin Bey – Don’t Like

blame it on Meka November 28, 2012

At the Sean Price x Murs x 9th Wonder release show a few weeks ago, Young Guru actually debuted this track for the crowd (as well as a couple other Mos Def tracks), but nobody really got the true feel and message of it due to the riot-starting backdrop blasting through the speakers. Well, here’s your chance.

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  • LexiCon

    Mos is killin’ it! And that artwork reminded me of Onyx logo.

  • dd

    loool mos

  • Hey Meka, do you know what context the other Mos songs were in? Part of Top 40 Underdog series or original tracks? Thanks in advance.

  • marty mcfly

    Im just gonna say it. Mos Def is wack now and he been wack for a few years at this point. Imo he just comes off like he rapping just to keep his name out but he never really wants to make a really dope record of his own. I think the last dope record I heard from him was History. Just my opinion

  • @martymcfly

    I respect your opinion, and you’re right he’s definitely not focused on hip-hop as much as he is on acting, fashion, etc…but his last effort “The Ecstatic” was incredible to me. I’m not much of a fan of this Top 40 Underdog series he’s doing but the upcoming project with Mannie Fresh sounds very promising. I understand what he’s trying to do with these remixes but I prefer him making original music.

    But I just wish he would focus and put out an album/EP soon. It’s been over three years since the Ecstatic.

  • chu the conqueror


  • marty mcfly

    Yeah I still think he’s dope but its just something about his music now. Its like he aint even tripping off how its sounds or something like he just expects people to like it cause its him. I like that he always keeps a message in his songs but they also gotta sound good too and these freestyles just aint for me. Idk but I hope that project with Mannie comes out dope but he gotta come with it this time.

  • Sounds like he signed to a record label that he “Don’t Like”…. Typical Mos.. Sounds good but this dude is faker than a $3 bill.

  • wackness

    Is he dissing Rick Ross on the second verse?

  • Tony

    I was just gonna write an entire essay on how this track is making two points, but I figure it’s best served for a blog and thus I’m just going to leave it alone since I don’t have one of those. Besides, the people calling this track can’t see it either.

  • Ryan

    Enlighten the rest of us, Tony! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the track, if you get to read this comment.

  • Artclasshero

    Definitely not what I expected what I saw:

    Yasin Bey – Don’t Like (Dope 165)

  • Akademo

    When I read the post on this page, it cracks me up. I think some posters (MARTY) just say shit to be posting. Mos Def wack? Every time you fags have to actually think about lyrics or figure out what the MC is saying, instead of doing that, you instantly jump on the “he’s wack” shit. Knock it off. He’s down with the sickest crew in the game right now (G.O.O.D), and he’s doing some other shit in the game right now. When he does drop his official shit, watch you same lames jump on the dick. He’s poking fun at this wack ass song, by actually putting some real shit on blast that real folks really don’t like. Why don’t you “critics” listen first, think critically, and then try to post something of substance. Peace…

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ You dickriding cause the last time you got something official from Mos it was 2009 and even that album was no where near the dopest of his other works. Having substance is great but the music still has to be dope. GOOD is not the sickest crew in the game, their the crew with the biggest budget and hype but that doesn’t mean their music is the dopest. And Mos barely even fucks with them like that much. These lyrics are not complicated and not that deep and again its good he has substance but the Chief Keef remake? WACK.

  • marty mcfly

    Its been more then ten years since Mos has actually really given a fuck about making something even remotely close to the level of Black On Both Sides and all his fans have given him a pass and its cool but now imo anything less then a full body of work that is either just as dope as his debut or better is just Mos doing whatever he can just to keep his presence in the game and anybody with sense can see that. These bars he been giving people for the last few years are not his true ability imo.

  • viewtiful_alan

    Almost sounds like Shyne.
    This is some bullshit

  • drmmrchnt

    obviously the point of this whole top 40 project isnt to be original with flows its to jack the same flows and beats but instead of degrading stupid and ignorant lyrics giving some actually meaning to it. its a great idea, hes doing a great job of it, and when he decides its time to hit the people with the project hes actually working on forreal it will be high quality and innovative, relax

  • bladaoh

    lmao this shit trash…its nice he’s tryin to spit somethin real but this junt sound terrible

  • david

    @Marty I agree with everything you say apart from Black on Both Sides being the last project he gave a fuck about, people don’t like New Danger coz he experimented with instrumentation and collaborated with artists of other genres, that’s good for hip-hop, Ecstatic was more hip-hop based but had influence from other genres and eras, Quiet Dog Bite Hard used afro-beat rhythms that had a massive impact on Western music but aren’t used as much today, multiple Madlib beats, Slick Rick feature and nice Mos Def lyrics and concepts throughout, I hate these freestyles he’s doing over G.O.O.D music beats coz they’re too far from his style and he’s just biting G.O.O.D music artists and associates styles but he’s come correct with everything else musically including New Danger, Ecstatic, Fix up with Talib and verses he’s given out to people, just needs to put in the hours and drop his next project, I’m confident it won’t sound like this track, type ‘Sunshine screwface’ in the 2dopeboys search bar and go to the Mos Def link, the one with the Dilla beat, that’s what the tracks on his next album will sound like

  • Anonymous