• Crazy

    I hope Big Sean and YG ain't on the tape

  • mathis

    whats the song at the beginning? that shit sounds monumentus

  • Your Father

    Seriously, I can't understand why a lot of these trap producers are popular. Dudes using the same drum sounds and all. Sounds like one producer's making all these beats. Really what's the difference between Young Chop and Lex Luger?

  • thatguy

    I just listened to his first official mixtape Trap Or Die yesterday and I really hope he goes back to that more

    @Your Father: in my opinion young chop is a lot better than lex luger and a lot more versatile... Id rather hear jeezy on a young chop beat than on a lex luger

  • hong

    lex lugers a starter, young chop, sonny digital, lody all evolved on this style. so many producers were influenced, remember when tupac back beat came out and the production credit wasnt given, ppl all guess that shit lex luger, i mean, even mike will sounds a bit lex luger. nothing new under the sun, just take it to the another level.