50 Cent Calls French Montana the “New Ja Rule”

blame it on Shake November 29, 2012

During an interview with Mr. Peter Parker, Curtis goes on to speak about deading the Money Team and his issues with Floyd Mayweather, the success of his “My Life” single with Eminem and Adam Levine and breaks down his beef with French Montana.

He ran his mouth prematurely. He’s really not ready to compete on any level with me. When I drop a record and it becomes the #1 selling record in 12 hours, after you saying that? I think you should be quiet a little bit. I’ll put him completely out of business. Off the block. Out the corner. He had one song and you didn’t even care about it ’cause it had him on it, there was four other people on it. That’s your new Ja Rule right now.

While I agree that the features on French Montana’s singles are the main draw, it’s ironic that Curtis would say something about that and brag about “My Life” being number one. I mean shit… he’s got arguably the biggest hip hop star in the world and an international pop star featured. Dah well… if you’d like to hear the whole interview, hit the jump for the audio.

  • justsaying

    ja rule as put out plenty of good songs/albums. french is just a flat out a joke. no comparison in my eyes.

  • HardWhite

    i been fuckin with frecnh since back in 09 but fif does have a point.

  • Tank

    even tho 50 killed ja . ja has classic hits. french montana is like um say nobody as in right now other than couple of hits but dead ass all hes song that are hits have futures and ye 50 is stupid mentioning the futures while talking about my life lol shake before i read ur shit i read the quote and said same thing while reading ur shit under lol

  • who cares

    lmao! Where’d all these Ja fans come from? Classic hits? Good albums? Where? Either way, French is trash, but 50 can’t talk because My Life is trash too.

  • 50cent… On point, ja was shit, so is french, he can easily put him outta comission. People don’t bump JA no more, therefor he never made no classics, that are worth listening to today. DONE

  • GAF

    Ja Rule – “Mesmerize” > any 50 Cent song.

  • 2

    50’s delivery on my life was horrible/boring. adam levine is wack. eminem was alright. 50’s best days are behind him and he’s struggling to stay relevant imo

  • beejay

    Ja Rule is way better than French

  • Powblenmg

    French never made a GOOD song without a feature. Even Shot Caller was hard because that dude Charlie. Make a good song, by yourself.

  • JD

    There was a time when 50 was also one of the biggest international hip-hop/pop acts and a single would go #1 because HE was on it. Such a downfall.

  • Shakes a little bitch

    shake should shut the fuck up with his opinion… no one wants to hear it

  • idc

    he said he’d put Ross out of business and Ross is bigger now then he was during that beef literally and figuratively

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    rick ross is bigger? sure???

  • jojoba

    50 always looking to start trouble. It worked for him to get publicity 12 yrs ago but he’s an old man now and needs to sit down. Seriously 40 yr olds fighting over who’s fake personality is better is jus sad IMO

  • jm

    yea Ja Rule is a better ARTIST than 50…in fact 50 stole Ja’s whole style and ran with it…that’s it

  • dcd

    yeah, but eminem’s new found garbage style RUINED that song. the track was great until em jumped on. 50 can still kill beats.

  • Mr. Newton

    Ja’s first album you dumb f_cks was hard *pause*

  • that nigga

    50 such a bitch. he wouldnt be even have his name in his mouth unless he felt threatened. and 50cents ol irrlevant ass see that new nigga taking over new york. and hes jealous. like a bitch lmao.

  • BobbyWhite

    my life fucking sucked. i dont care if its a hit. at least french can keep it real and not entirely sell out like 50 does to get a #1. shake is completley right about being ironic

  • Mjo

    Everyone mentioned in this post is fucking terrible.

  • Sinister

    first of all 0 made it already what he gotta prov dis fif got more money than any of those artist mentioned in all these comments fif still got fans and my life was a gd song wtf ya dumb niggaz talkn about eminem was soso but overall its gd music cmon if ya listen to these artist like wayne french ross or anyone fromt there entourage u telling me that thses fools are creative that they have actual talent when they sound like retards and remember dis french corny montana started dis beef he said something about fif first the nikka trying to start beef cuz he has an album up and coming thats gonna do shitty same shit ross did if u look at things fif is helping these suka nikkaz by answering bak period and young nikkaz is the ones fooled in todays music theres no direction no realness anymore in hip hop so our generation now is fuked up whether ya young nikkaz like it or not my real hip hop heads knw the deal

  • daman

    First of all, Ja Rule didnt need other rappers on his songs to make hits. If anybody else was on his hit singles, it was Ashanti. But, French Montana is whack and very dependent on other rappers. Fif is right on that

  • SHOWMAN3000

    50 Cent has got to be the only rapper that hates on other artist consistently and gets a g pass for it. He’s made a career on hating on ppl. Crazy!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Btw my comment isn’t cuz I like French Montana

  • Joe

    lol this song was recorded 2 years ago.. this isnt eminems “new style” lol and i dont find it ironic that 50 has features because he has had HITS without features… obviously as a single hes gunna have features because he hasnt put out an album for 5 years… my life is not the best but its at least different then this ymcmb bullshit

  • @Shake, Unlike Frenchie who has consistently leached on to a hotter artist to get ahead in his career (i.e. Max B) Fif isn’t where he is today because of his collaborations. His own talent (aside from production) got him there. Frenchie’s biggest records are big because of the features (NY Minute – Ma$e, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj; Stay Scheming – Drake & Ross; now Pop That). If Em is the biggest hip-hop artist in the world, then Fif is the second as far record sales go, who else is he supposed to collab with if Jay is one of the only other guy in his league? Big fishes are supposed to swim together, French is a guppy riding on their backs.