• The Boogie Monster

    Chief Keef doesn't know how lucky he is so many people would die to be in his position he needs to grow up

  • Positive Vibe

    @TheBoogieMonster thats what i'm sayin', i hope he falls flat in his face and realized how much he tooks this opportunity for granted smh its not me bein' a hater, its me bein' pissed cause i see so many gifted artists strivin' to get one foot in and he gets the chance but doesn't care, he has no respect from me for that

  • betterthanmusic

    50 needs his own talk show ...

  • t.a.morales

    @All comments above, I agree 1000%. I don't like 50's music that much but listen to every interview he has cause he speaks truth. I would love to see someone like Sha Stimuli get the same shine that Keef does. There are so many artists with a better message that need that spot.