Big Sean & Chris Brown Cover XXL’s December/January Issue

blame it on Meka November 29, 2012

Alongside features on B.G., A$AP Mob, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and more The Detroit player of the G.O.O.D. Music crew and the controversial singer grace the front of the house of Harris’ magazine, set to drop December 4th. Head here to read choice quotes from both cover guys, and jump down bottom for their respective covers.

  • Covering up tht 1 eye <<<<Illuminati

  • Lolly D.o.m.a

    i like the covers

  • REAL

    Why do niggas deny the Illuminati


    Still don’t buy this illuminati shit, it’s honestly just one of the best marketing schemes ever. Look at how many more sales Jay-Z and Rihanna got cause of the curiosity. Now these two dudes, I just feel like there are way too many rappers / singers in this “illumnati” for it to be really real…

  • check

    ^ this.. and the funny thing is that dudes make lil comments about the ‘illuminati’ as if they know what the fuck they are talking about.. King James is right this has now purely become a marketing tool..

  • Mike Diesel

    how the hell is Chris Brown Hip Hop?

    SMFH this is why XXL Magazine is so shit. No Love for Hip Hop

  • REAL

    Tupac warn us about these illuminati fucks!

  • Geroy

    Not only is the whole illuminati bit just ridiculous
    but if such a thing existed, it would be the world’s richest white men.
    Not some average flavour of the week rappers that earned probably a mill this year.

    Give your fucking head a shake. They don’t need “secret organizations” to control us, black peoples greed and desire to own fancy white people shit is us ruining ourselves.
    You think your rolex is tight, or your gucci bag makes your fresh? Just remember that some old white man who doesn’t give a fuck about hip hop lifestyle and niggas just made a killing of you playing yourself.

  • Jrb

    With happened to big sean lip

  • Jrb

    *Wth* happened

  • bigg lipp sean!!! ha