Chris Brown – W.T.F.I.M.L. (Where The F*ck Is My Lighter)

blame it on Illy November 29, 2012

Breezy, who isn’t exactly having the best week, drops off new music.

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  • lightitup

    Seems like breezy is going to have to smack a bitch… Goddamn lighter is missing

  • lame

    W.W.Y.U.L.A.A.L.T (Why Would You Use Long Ass Abbreviation Like This)?

  • david

    Isn’t having the best week? Coz there’s a pic of him in Rihanna’s bed? Sounds like a good week to me

  • _

    this guy needs to die

  • cap

    its a damn 99cent light who gives a fuck damn you people are so brainwashed and focused on the stupidest shit like a little acesory to smoking which also shouldnt be anything to talk about
    grow the fuck up fags

  • nibs

    is it just me or is it super fucked up that this website won’t post some peoples shit (like waka flocka) because their rap is ass but you continue to post music by this psychopathic woman beater??

  • ^ agreed

  • UnTropical

    Ayo Breezy, go fuck yourself and your woman-beating-ungrateful-whotf-makes-a-song-about-lighters ass. 2Dopeboyz you really support this faggot? I still kept coming back after the retarded OF thing but if you keep posting this fucks new songs I’m out. Brown BIT AND BEAT THE EVERLASTING SHIT out of a WOMEN then publicly tweeted FUCK YOU to those who told him it was wrong! For fucks sake guys what do you stand for?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I digs!!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I disagree…there are tons of songs on 2Dopeboyz w/ Wacka Flocka where they calls him Fozzie Bear!

  • nibs

    okay well lupe then which is over some personal bitch shit or odd future or plies or whoever else. i’m just sayin this should be the first guy on the list of people not to support

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Okay gotcha! I totally understand and get your point.

  • benny segal

    Nibs acting like he don’t know anybody who hasn’t hit a woman. I’m sure you wouldn’t do anything to the person if you knew the person either. He made mistake dude is still growing up and I’m sure alot more on his plate than you.

  • david

    Lupe, OF, Waka and Plies are all wack but they post Plies and Waka

  • nibs

    hahahaha benny segal grew up somewhere where it is ok to hit women. shitty deal, i feel bad for your moms.
    and of course I know people that have hit women, and they are all sacks of shit, and if they made music, I would never promote it no matter how much they wanted to pay me. so fuck you you okay with being ghetto as fuck piece of dick cheese

  • The point of an acronym is to make the title easier, not more difficult.

    Either way, song is ass.