J.roe – 1Chain2Chainz (Video)

blame it on Shake November 29, 2012

With a new project set for a January release, the Long Island native takes some shots at the mainstream likings of Drake, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and more on his latest single release.

  • MixedByAli

    the “beef-yo-way-into-the-game” strategy ain’t worked since 50 homie. shut the fuck up. you can always count on shake to post medicre niggas.

    • Wow

      Yo who ever hates on this needs to shut the fuck up. This dude did it legitt man. I haven’t seen a diss this good in…ever lol

  • Stop

    every year or 2 some broke ass white guy decides to record a song dissing every mainstream rapper in hopes that he will make some money.

    just stop. no one feels this.

    id rather listen to 2 chainz and lil wayne’s garbage than your garbage.

  • noir

    Lmao this mothafucka look and sound stupid. Get the fuck outta here… Smh

  • Haha

    50 cent how to rob 2013

  • GiZA

    There’s already a J-Ro in Tha Alkaholiks. Get a new name dumb ass.

  • Hopsin’s Balls

    wanna be white hopsin #Fail

    • Outro

      Hopsin dosent go for this mainstream though…hes on that tyler the creator diss…I think this dude is tough as fuck

  • Tree

    As corny as he my look. He is spitting some truth. I would listen to this dude but I feel what he is saying. Sheesh, Waka Flocka and 2 Chainz are horrible rappers. You cant get mad ppl hate him.

  • Grays

    This is terrible…..there are other way to come up bro

  • Voxin

    Dude, this is striaght firee… I’ve actually never heard a 2chainz diss lol

  • Incredible

    I’m with this movement…this Kid is fuckin dope. This is the new how to rob

  • detroit89

    this guy aint shit. he is worse than 2 chainz.

  • Mayday

    im wit it too…someone needed to diss fucking “2chainz” and im pretty sure hes the firtst, nicely done!

  • POV

    dude check out his other video “our generation” its fuckinn sick!!

  • michiganflow3

    u moron u can’t take a name that’s already been used! alkoholiks will destroy u