Proph - Jordans f. Joe Cool

Proph links up with NewLA's Joe Cool to share their experiences growing up where the brand of your sneakers and clothing define your social acceptance. Something I'm totally oblivious to, as I've rocked Chucks damn near my whole life and I've never understood the infatuation with overpriced kicks. *shrugs...

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  • beyenesausage

    "I used to rock my moms 11s"???!!!...HOLY SHIT IM OLD

    Cant be right =/

  • jmac

    songs nice except for that background speech. why??

  • HiiiLife

    fuck expensive shoes. #ChuckTaylors #AllDay

  • PROPHpeezy

    Appreciate the feedback. Not about the cost though its about the name. And chuck Taylor's are a popular name brand like the rest of em.

    I rock w chucks. It snows here though so they never been hot items where I'm from


  • SoulJAH

    This is the #NWLA OG maaaayne...and i must say i fuuux with this record. Dope cut Proph...shouts to my lil bro Joe COOLioni. SALUTE! New us...#NewLouisiana!

  • Pizzle



Rick Gonzalez - "Born 2 Win"

Off the NY spitter's upcoming Chicago-inspired #6pcMild project.

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Wordsworth - "F.U. (Fingers Up)" f. Blu

Second single off the BK emcee's upcoming New Beginnings LP, dropping September 18th.

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