• beyenesausage

    "I used to rock my moms 11s"???!!!...HOLY SHIT IM OLD

    Cant be right =/

  • jmac

    songs nice except for that background speech. why??

  • HiiiLife

    fuck expensive shoes. #ChuckTaylors #AllDay

  • http://prophpeezy.com PROPHpeezy

    Appreciate the feedback. Not about the cost though its about the name. And chuck Taylor's are a popular name brand like the rest of em.

    I rock w chucks. It snows here though so they never been hot items where I'm from


  • http://soundcloud.com/NWLA_SoulJAH SoulJAH

    This is the #NWLA OG maaaayne...and i must say i fuuux with this record. Dope cut Proph...shouts to my lil bro Joe COOLioni. SALUTE! New me....new you...new us...#NewLouisiana!

  • Pizzle