Pusha T’s Debut Solo Album Is Called…

blame it on Illy November 29, 2012

My Name Is My Name. Pusha made the announcement during Vibe’s V-Mixer concert at the Best Buy Theatre in New York City tonight. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s debut solo album is expected to arrive sometime next year. Leading up to the release of it, P will drop the Wrath of Caine mixtape at the end of this year. SHAKE UPDATE: For those not catching The Wire reference, check this clip.

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  • arvo

    love the wire reference

  • chancetheclapper

    wack is my wack?

  • huh?

    the. lamest. title. ever…hope the music is good, thats all that matters after all.

  • DoubleClutch95

    chancetheclapper has obviously not seen the wire.

    “My Name is My Name” – 2013 album of the year

  • bigErn

    Did he name that because he obsessively restates that he did in fact push the yay?

  • who cares

    lmao you can tell he put a lot of thought into that. Probably lost some sleep thinking of such a clever title.

  • cmonPUSHA

    ye or pusha gon wake up one day like, what were we thinking on that albumm title? and they will change it. i get the point – “i am my name”ish

  • Good Peoples

    Pusha T >>>>>

    But thats the lamest album title i have heard in years!

  • ISlapLames

    All the real niggas are hip & watch The Wire…salute to yall….the rest of you frauds go kill yourselves. Other than that, I would’ve chose a different title, but I get exactly why he chose it. Real nigga for that push. 1.

  • COOL

    I’ve been more excited about hearing this album then GOOD KID MAAD CITY! Horrible title tho but i bet it’s gonna be the best HIP HOP album in years!

  • Jay

    PUSHA T & BANKS >>>>>>>> Yo favorite hip hop artist !

  • Swaggajuice

    He announced it at the black Friday festival in Boca

  • dope


  • meanwhile “my name is not my name”

  • kingg

    i dont think its lame i mean if call it that way its because there’s a meaning behind it.. he is who he is

  • marty mcfly

    My Name Is My Name? LOL COMEONSON

  • Mood

    Marlo reincarnated.

  • friendsbfriends

    i dig it tho..

    mixtape will drop in april, album in july 14.

  • Aye

    so unoriginal he can do way better. get your own creativity push!

  • gregory kruxx.

    ya’ll sleeping man…cats who watched the wire and were real dae one fans get it n why push choose it for his title. i salute the homie….0Ne.

  • philadel698

    It’s not hard to understand…..if it is, watch the video clip. Pusha stands behind his product and wont be disrespected by anyone thats what the tittle means. Better get HBO.

  • mann lysten

    I guessed that would be title when I read that it referenced The Wire in the caption. You would have to watch that whole episode to really get it though. Dope title