• allo

    My nigga Vinny! Been Waiting on this tape for a while! #Cheers

  • jones

    Good with a new mixtape, I've been bumpin' survival of the swag too long bruh bruh! Cheer$

  • dope

    Yeah this kind of stuff makes me want to listen to a new artist on the come up. Besides what childish did this is the most impressive solo effort ive heard in awhile.

  • Deeds

    I respect the no collabs thing but does this change the fact that hees trash? Shit is wack

  • dave


  • yuh

    fuck a rar. file wheres the alt. link?

  • mixmike61

    Damn. no big features and all original music? next big thing.... no diggity. Harlem Roses is that jam doe.

  • SyFy

    1) He doesn't actually have no features, it's just that his crew raps on like every song, so it's not like it's just him.
    2) Are we going to over look the fact that the kid has like, 4 bars and then is trash? The beats are dope with the hooks but it's the same content ya'll trash talk when Shake post something.
    Overall though, cover is dope and the no features thing is also rare.

  • gbreeze

    @ yuh

    file is zipped u dumb ass nigga

  • Vice425

    did not see this tape coming at all. Track 4 is built for tough

  • Astro

    What is the difference between this shit and A$AP? It was all production and weak ass lifestyle rapping with no content.