Wiz Khalifa – Rise Above f. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose

blame it on Illy November 29, 2012

After the debut and the rehearsal, the Taylor Gang general gives us the Pharrell, Tuki Carter, and Amber Rose-featured “Rise Above” off O.N.I.F.C. arriving Tuesday.

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  • mrk

    lame as ever. where was amber ugly rose

  • skrill83

    not a fan of this guy anymore…give me his earlier mixtapes anyday….

    and i just cant get over this album cover

  • nickd

    amber is a ho. wtf stop saying nigga too, your a white groupie

  • kd

    ONIFC leaked…its acutally pretty nice.
    Much better than Rolling Papers. 7/10

  • Dprince91

    Lol Yeah that cover, like a fuckn candy cane! But just hope the album is on point man.

  • Sounds fresh!! –
    Kapital J

  • GoDucks

    This is smooth, cant wait for ONIFC

  • Flight

    The album sucks, go download it on thepiratebay

  • Tray

    This FIRE pharrell never dissapoints

  • SuckaFreeMD

    hate this dumb ass album cover, but this joint fire

  • Jordan

    Kanye already ethered Amber Rose with the “Yeezy Taught Me” skit

  • gnawmeen

    Wiz’s part was pretty fresh, and the beat is smooth as fuck. I wish he woulda got Childish Gambino on this joint tho and let everyone else chillax in a corner somewhere.. smh

  • 2050

    ONIFC is much better than Rolling Papers.

    This is what his fans wanted, he gave it. Catchy beats, catchy hooks, he switches up the flow a lot as well.

    Repetitive concepts? yes. but the songs are fresh.

  • marty mcfly

    ONIFC is dope but imo its the same Wiz as any of his other projects. His mixtapes, Rolling Papers and this new album are so close in style I dont really think its ever been a different kind of Wiz. He’s always been the same artist which is cool cause thats his lane. I didnt hear anything on ONIFC that is that different from any of his other projects.

  • marty mcfly

    The cover still looks funny as fuck though. LOL

  • Droandretti

    Wiz I wish you would have gave me a second verse one the first neptune beat made, love the chemisty

  • Droandretti

    Wiz I wish you would have gave me a second verse one the first neptune beat made, love the chemisty.

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    amber annoying voice rose

  • dre nova

    this goes. fuck the haters.

  • freshyboi

    is amber part black? does she get a pass to using the n word???

  • ✓P

    Nice beat

  • CLubPacked

    The Beat the Beat…the beat..what a Beast Beat

  • TommyEmiliano

    This song’s dope. I dont care about what hater bloggers say. I like what I hear, its nice. And if he’s with Amber Rose, what does it matter to anyone else??? Dudes act like real hoes on the internet.

  • gee dot que

    yeeeeaaaa sooooo FUCC EVERYTHING yall niggas talkin bout……TUKI KILT DIS CHIT CUZZ!!!

  • Geeohohdman

    whose listened to the plan tho???? shit is fiyahhh

  • blackcaviar

    still think Pharrell is dope. Nuff respect

  • Iagree

    ^^^^^^^^the 8 above me are all correct^^^^^^^^^^