French Montana – Only If For A Night (Video)

blame it on Illy November 30, 2012

The Harry Fraud-produced intro to French’s Mac & Cheese 3 mixtape gets a visual.

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  • rjs

    that voice sounds like the one from drake’s over my dead body.
    he spent a whole minute saying ‘haaaaahhhhhh’ ‘montannaaaa’ haaaaaah’

  • Check

    almost everything he does is unoriginal

  • It sounds ok to me, nothing special though

  • This dude gotta keep tight beats because he cant rap

  • lifted

    production is dope. who’s the broad?

  • JXN

    Harry Fraud beats are so wasted on this joker. I really wish he produced for quality rappers more often. His stuff with Heems is incredible

  • Washcloth

    Love Harry Fraud but this is a complete rip off of the Florence + the Machine original

  • koke

    This guy is complete garbage. How can anybody be a fan of his music?

  • @lifted

    Florence + the Machine – Only If For A Night

  • whyyyyyyy

    why just why…why ruin a great song…all he added was fuck, nigga, and some disturbing mumbling sounds


    IF you white freaks stepped out your basement took off ur bum ass nerd headphones you would realize this nigga the hottest out right now, and making the best music HANNNNNNH

  • Speech

    All I have to say is what a waste of a good beat. More power to you FRENCH MONTANA fans, but Im not buying into this gimmick. Seriously.

  • Sam Flow

    This sounds terrible
    @HANNNH Im a black person and this sounds worst than the smell of garbage and blood combined

    Everyone who said this song is a rip off: It’s called sampliing. If you want to call this song a rip off, u might as well protest the entire hip hop/rap genre. It’s been around for decades. Though, I do agree you that there was nothing creative done to the “new” beat.

  • Flip

    French and meek hottest in the hood right now, yall dudes dont live on the east coast

  • damn homie

    Beat was okay, not flipped very originally. French was ehh, video was alright, but fuck all that… Who was that girl?? That’s the real question lol

  • Ton

    Great, another video where this dude doesn’t rap.

  • adi pre

    I can understand the frustration but this and State of Mind were my favourite tracks off the tape, Fraud is a fucking beast though.

  • BLaCkBruceWaYnE

    “French and meek hottest in the hood right now, yall dudes dont live on the east coast”

    Hot garbage, yes for Frenchie. Meek is ok. Even people on the east coast call Frenchie trash. You don’t need to be in the east coast to know what trash sounds like and I’m from BK.

  • the realest

    the hate is real lmao. HAAAAAANNN!

  • Joe

    french clowning on 50 for waiting for chief keefs music video but he has a fifth grader producing his lmao

  • I dont understand how French Montana could be from the bronx….I mean thats the mecca…the birthplace of hip hop. Plus the guy is Moroccan, where does the southern accent come from

  • yoh

    hip hop can’t stay the same forever bro, I actually never thought i’d say that. but it’s a fact. and southern accent?
    dis nigga been shot in the bead, prolly barley ever sleeps and does a fuck load of drugs. that also goes to all the people who complain bout how he sounds. ITS THE WAVE!