Juicy J – Show Out f. Young Jeezy & Big Sean (prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

blame it on Illy November 30, 2012

Juicy J taps Jeezy and Big Sean for the second single off his upcoming album, Stay Trippy, out in 2013. Radio rip, courtesy of atrilli.

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  • erick


  • nito

    hella doing the cooking dance to this shit

  • adolfmayne

    Dam this is a straight banger everyone was dope even jeezy i havent been checking for

  • trvpmxsic


  • Can’t even front, this shit hits. Looks like Juicy J gon remain to stay relevant for at least another season.

  • Song is terrible. The comments on it made me think it was great.
    (side note: every time I hear Big Sean say “boi” I get infuriated.)

  • They actually shouted out Atrilli, im happy lol

    This New Juicy is a banger

  • lee

    juicy j that nigga


    Take out Big Sean and add Freddie Gibbs instead and it woulda been much better…

  • Gengar

    Why would you release this song with that trash ass verse from Big Sean??? This song goes Jeezy laced it with a nice hook 2 but damn Sean fucked it up

  • j

    no one gonna believe this a single without the features and a video. guy has so many songs on mixtapes. now hes just trying to re create bandz again.

  • chukxxx

    Big sean haters caan hang demselves dat dude rocks ma brains out

  • chuck

    hellll yeah get sean of there and get gibbs on there.

  • Flip

    gibbs a real nigga but big sean is a better rapper…detroit is a top 3 mixtape this year…Face it haters

  • william

    ignorance at it’s finest. this was nice!

  • Old_Jeezy


  • That Niggy

    They need to give Roscoe Dash his credits…

  • realtalk™

    The whole songs sucks but..
    Juicy J sounds retarded when he raps.. how are you complaining about Big Sean’s verse?

  • Jus Sayin

    @Flip Really? You rate Detroit over Baby Face Killa? Take the rose-colored glasses off.