• mikeG

    ugly ass hands

  • Your Father

    @mikeG - ...and what exactly would you want him to do to you, if he had pretty hands? Man, niggaz...

  • Mike Tomlin

    "ugly ass hands"

    Who says that??

  • Seif

    Ugly ass hands? What is this world turning into... smh

  • freshyboi

    what up with them long ass fingernails??

  • KDrops

    Y'all niggas gay commenting on a niggas hands like wow

  • who cares

    "penning the cover" that's a bit of a stretch. He just wrote the title.

  • casper wordsmith

    All these comments >>

  • HamasONE

    You niggas clownin @ Mike G but you dont even know what he meant.

    Kids who write graffiti refer to simple tags and words as handstyles or hands.. niggas always jumpin to conclusions smh

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "“penning the cover” that’s a bit of a stretch. He just wrote the title."

    how is it a stretch? Q actually wrote the lettering on the actual cover. im confused.