So How Was French Montana Involved In Your Riff With Rick Ross, 50 Cent?

blame it on Meka November 30, 2012

Continuing with his conversation with Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Curtis claims that it was French who slid him the video footage of DJ Khaled’s mother’s house and place of employment. If there’s any truth to that… yikes. Like, damn man.

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  • Gengar

    hahahaha i’m sure this will be the end of sorry ass French

  • Gengar

    Fake niggas run with fake niggas know your circle

  • Bimmy

    There was rumors about this years ago i wonder how French going to explain that to Ross and Khaled. I’d like to hear that conversation and if he is forgiven, that should show us the type of guys they really are.

  • Real Talk

    Tired of this guy.

    Man, he dropped GRODT then quit focusing on music and it was all downhill (musically) from there.

    Hopefully he’s enjoying the race to be the richest man in the grave.

    Good luck with that, man.


  • Now this is news.

  • Buahahahahaha

  • Buahahahahaha
    G-Unit son

  • Buahaha
    G-Unit son

  • French montana will be fine… they gave Ross a pass remember, these niggas is all fake and snakes.
    All this news does is actually make you understand why they all hangout together… And they’ll remain together while they talk behind they’re backs and pretend as long as theres money to be made.

    But yo 50 you’s a BOSS for this move son DAYME, let a nigga release an album first before ending his career DAYME son

  • Decepticon

    Theres too much fear and hate for 50 amongst these guys to let this become an issue. They’d rather let it slide and appear unfased by it then to have the whole world see them divided by something 50 caused. this will go away faster then the box tired to a rock and thrown into the sea with Rick Rossz badge and handcuffs.


    50 just makes perfect sense. Intellectually he is on point. “What is the state of Interscope if he is the biggest artist there.” is a brilliant statement, cause basically he is telling Interscope that your own sign artists are making you look bad.

    When it comes to catalogs 50’s is really tough to match up with.

  • randy

    50 is lying. he dissed rick ross on “Funeral Music” in 2006 out of no where. stop acting like u didnt know who he was when he dissed you back

  • that nigga

    dont believe the hype lol.

  • hangh?!

    why does 50 always look away when he mentions some outrageous shit? idk man, dude is suspect

  • I”m to the point where I’m kind of over his new music, but when 50 talks he does a great interview & he knows the ins and outs of the industry – someday I’m sure we’ll see an insider’s book filled with people’s dark secrets from him, you know?

  • nowadayz

    response to hangh?!

    did u see french denying this shit yet ?? no ?? me neither