Turk – Get Naked

blame it on Illy November 30, 2012

Fresh out of the slammer, the original Hot Boy hooks up with Drumma Boy on his latest track from his upcoming mixtape Blame It On The System which is set to feature Tune, Sh*t, Mystikal, and more.

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  • dev

    at least he is coming out of the closet with confidence. he seems really comfortable with his sexuality since coming out of jail. salute to you Turk. respect. he will be the poster boy for future gay rappers

  • Tipwell

    Where his gun at in that pic, deaux?!

  • nosamyrag

    correct me if i’m wrong, is he saying “nah, i ain’t straight but i’ma make him get naked.”?!

  • Fuck yall niggas, real niggas dont get turned out in jail, bitches like yall do. N.O in da building

  • T9FTW

    Hol’ up. WHAAAAT?!

  • Randall Campbell

    So he’s stated that he’s not gay, and also not straight. Yet the fact that he’s “making HIM get naked, but a tool in his face, and leave him naked”, makes me wonder really what’s going inside the mind of Turk. Is he going with the Turkish bath marketing scheme? If not, what’s the reason of mentioning sexuality?

  • Pops

    As if his career wasn’t already toast, this right here definitely put the nail in the coffin.

  • FrankOcean

    Man I fuck with Turk but what the HELL.. No I aint gay but I’m make him get naked..No I aint straight but I’m make him get naked.. He is asking for it on this one… Just came home too… SMH

  • j

    he look like birdmans son in the pic.. gotta be gay to ride wit ymcmb anyway

  • j

    some1 need to teach him what *pause* is, he been gone a while

  • Professor Oak

    This nigga been in jail for 10 YEARS,he don’t know what “pause” It’s sad you gotta clarify you are not gay before saying certain things.Pause is like some lil kid shit.Niggas know your not gay but they say it to fuck with you.

  • MiamiFlipper

    Shout out to 2DBZ for posting this! You guys know you can’t post no gutta muzik like this, it’s too many funny cats on here mane…

  • smh

    2006 called….said they wan’t their style back!! #catchup

  • smh

    2006 called….said they want their style back!! #catchup

  • you bitch niggas

    *pause* is the gayest shit i heard come out of the english language. if the nigga was thinking gay shit then thats the niggas business. the fuck i need to reassure him about how straight i am through some shit like *pause*
    get the mutha fuck out of here

  • funny thing is…

    For there being so many supposed straight guys that frequent this site you guys sure do find a way to mention gay anything on each and every post. I wonder why hip hop culture is so consumed with homosexuality?… Some of Yall need a hobby and some maturity.

  • PJ

    I’m not gay means, obviously not gay. Not “straight” means, not “good”, fucked up, not doing well, hurtin’. Hence the need to rob someone i.e. make them get naked.


    Hey idiots,

    “Im not gay” = He likes women
    “Im not straight” = He’s crazy and will put a gun in another mans face

  • T.I.

    Nigga listen, regardless wat u think this nigga talkin bout in this song he said some homo fuck shit. this nigga gay. dick boy.

  • word to PJ ..real niggas know ..all these dxck riders quick to comment on the next man’s sexuality str8? double barrel sawed in your mouth you get right befoe your brains spill

  • MC Booty B and Homo D

    you can still get shot, by a gay person…