Tyga – 187 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake November 30, 2012

In light of the release of his upcoming Rick Ross-assisted single, Tyga drops off a free project bearing the same name. Hit the jump to stream/download.

DOWNLOAD: Tyga – 187 (Mixtape)

  • lightsaberleg

    Rather watch Tigers fuck on discovery channel

  • ..lil snot nose fuck…

  • doc rovers

    nobody wants to hear “t-raw” freestyle over rappers who are better than him’s songs. shit just doesnt make sense. freestyles should be reserved for actually talented rappers

  • wat

    Tyga is so terrible he’s unbearable.

  • Tyga

    this guy is seriously the future of hip hop

  • johnnyboy

    “this guy is seriously the future of hip hop”

    thanks for be the token faggot in the comment section

  • 187?! LOL What a studio wangsta. Thatz why you’re tour bus got lit up in Omaha for poppin shit. Writing checks that your mouth can’t cash. T-Raw…LMFAO, nigga plz, and you knockin up and wifin Blac Chyna… I think Kurupt said it best, “you can’t make a ho a housewife”

  • Traww

    But Tyga has an estate in miami and 7 2-3 thousand dollar cars

  • Can you say lease? Dude has never gone even gold unless it was a ringtone. And Reebok endorsements don’t pay for “estates in Miami and 7 2-3 thousand cars” or whatever you were tryna say. YMCMB has always been about the look/style rather than content and reality. Please believe if anybody gettin paid itz Baby, Slim n Wayne not Tyga #claimthey5starsbutsellyoudreams In 3 yrs we won’t even be talking bout dude.

  • sd

    ^^ OWNED

  • Tjay

    Ever since Black Thoughts 2 this nigga has been straight rappin’ out the ass. Super Saiyan levels of wack.

  • jeremiah larkins

    y’all niggas hating on Tyga because he get more money and hoes than y’all

  • Aye

    Tjay , LMAO best comment and truth about tyga

  • jay

    Tyga is the best rapper alive