Chief Keef – They Know (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 1, 2012

Chief’s debut album, Finally Rich will be in stores December 18th.

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  • Shawn

    Such utter garbage of a rapper.

  • victoria

    fuck this hoe ass nigga and his ass music

  • william

    Wow, just when you think the art of rap couldn’t get any worse this guy puts out a new song.

  • Sincerely, Everyone

    Shake I know you post this shit for the (few) people that like it, but can you get back to the site’s roots, when it was just good music and not all this shit you’ve been posting recently.

  • gkgkg

    stop promoting this bullshit…all he does is mumble

  • Hey

    This trash considered as rapper? Don’t promote bullshit!!

  • brooklyn

    did the people who said this is garbage/trash come to the conclusion that chief keef is trash before or after watching this video? lol because if the answer is before THAT is why your considered haters…not because you dislike the artist, but because you dislike the artist and continue to go to all of there videos and write negativee things about it…aka hating, if you dont like it why not ignore it? who are you to say dont promote this? there are people who actually like this, and if that isnt you then you shouldnt be here in the first place

  • Good Peoples

    You faggots can say what ever you want about Keef ! But at least he ain’t no dead beat father ! one thing i notice about him he’s always with his daughter and when he’s not with her he’s talking about her !


  • Mike Diesel

    real hip hop

  • j

    This is so dope lol and course shake and thems gonna be posting controversial stuff that gets you commenting etc I seen the way they included young chop in the title of a jeezy vlog when hes in it for about 5 seconds lol.. it’s all about traffic = money


    @ Good peoples……SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! (Chump)

  • Schuyler

    i watched it. it didn’t sway my opinion. this is still trash alley rap that makes me embarrassed to like the same genre as this, only because it gets lumped in the same category.

  • Good peoples

    @DOUBLE L Boy you are a true bitch ! plain and simple

  • GUST0

    Dope, .. Ya’ll Just Kendrick Stans

  • the real dirk

    ass music for dumb people. and if you say “uh, why do you comment, then?”… I say: “Let’s save hip-hop, we need to destroy this crap”

  • 2fuckboyZ

    @ Good People so she should if he created it he should look after it that should be a given but no way is he a good man just for looking after a seed he helped bring into this world.

  • Ivo

    ignorance is bliss…SMH

  • How can you NOT think this is good? CHIEF KEEF IS GOD.

  • HiiiLife

    heʻs talking about firearms! thatʻs scary!


    As low caliber as his songs are it’s not his music that really drives people to listen to it…It’s his authenticity that people are hypnotized by. He seems comfortable and care free in his videos. Doesn’t really seem like he’s trying to convince you of anything or look a certain way. That’s exactly what sells an artist because that’s exactly what makes an artist. Music is only the medium…

  • brooklyn

    @therealdark. well your not doing a good job destroying this,how about using your time to supposrt what you like and ignore what you dont like, “real hip hop fans” are the biggest part of the decline of hip hip, ya dont buy albums and support the artist you claim are so great…you just complain on blog sites and not take any action like worthless losers

  • anonymous

    Chief Keef stands for all the wrong things and his music is utter trash. Glorifying this ass-hat should be considered a crime against humanity.

  • If you cant see Keef for his fucking genuis melodies then fuck outta here b. Go listen to Ghostface and think how life was better when you were beating off in your moms room at 15 fuck boi.

  • Read a book

    This guy needs to hurry up and flop so we can stop hearing about him.

  • boobi

    stop hating he aint rapping hes just making music for the mind to dance he aint trying to do what others like he does what he wants to do and personaly i liked the tune and the song

  • youngjonnydepp

    Keef bangs mane..fuck all the hypebeast haters on these comments finally rich boii.