Saturday Night Sexy: Metisha Larocca

blame it on Illy December 1, 2012

Twitter: @Metisha

Metisah Larocca promises us she’s more than just dope eye candy. The Turkish/Greek (by way of Germany) model is an actress and journalist. Today, the vixen who has appeared in music videos for Flo Rida and Fat Joe, is who we’re bringing to you as tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy. Rock out [II] with Larocca after the jump.

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  • wtf?

    She looks like an anorexic Kim Kardashian.

  • gt

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^cannot be better said wtf?

  • BazookaJoe

    ^^kims ass is startin to sag already…
    now this bitch, gimme a spoon and a bib and imma eat that ass out

  • Rafae Sheikh

    I love you Shake.

  • aremac

    who are the gay-bo’s coming on here voting “nope”

  • cali

    whats wrong with her skin?

  • james

    fool me once….fool me twice…damn these kids still drooling over sun-baked doritos with fake asses.

  • Joe

    looks like a man lol

  • moshizzle

    the format of these, for the tenth time, suck. please just put all the pics on one page top-to-bottom. pleeeaasseee!!!

  • bang. bang.

    Hungry Kim Kardashian?

    That’s that shit I don’t like…

  • ShawnKemp

    Jim Kardashian.

  • will

    haven’t been on these for a while, whatever happened to scuba steve?

  • Aye

    I’d marry her, she destroys Kim K.

  • Bonaparte

    Dear Shake,

    Can we PLEASE get some bad DARKSKINNED bitches on this muthafucka please!!!!


    The people

  • s

    Dear the people,