• wtf?

    She looks like an anorexic Kim Kardashian.

  • gt

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^cannot be better said wtf?

  • BazookaJoe

    ^^kims ass is startin to sag already...
    now this bitch, gimme a spoon and a bib and imma eat that ass out

  • Rafae Sheikh

    I love you Shake.

  • aremac

    who are the gay-bo's coming on here voting "nope"

  • cali

    whats wrong with her skin?

  • james

    fool me once....fool me twice...damn these kids still drooling over sun-baked doritos with fake asses.

  • Joe

    looks like a man lol

  • moshizzle

    the format of these, for the tenth time, suck. please just put all the pics on one page top-to-bottom. pleeeaasseee!!!

  • bang. bang.

    Hungry Kim Kardashian?

    That's that shit I don't like...

  • ShawnKemp

    Jim Kardashian.

  • will

    haven't been on these for a while, whatever happened to scuba steve?

  • Aye

    I'd marry her, she destroys Kim K.

  • Bonaparte

    Dear Shake,

    Can we PLEASE get some bad DARKSKINNED bitches on this muthafucka please!!!!


    The people

  • s

    Dear the people,