Action Bronson Performs w/ Handicapped Fan On His Back (Video)

blame it on Shake December 3, 2012

Just as the title suggests, during a show in Washington, D.C. at The Howard Theatre, Action Bronson brought a handicapped fan on stage, smoked him out, let him freestyle, then threw him over his shoulders and gave a performance of “Larry Csonka.” Check the footage up top and if you haven’t already, grab his Alchemist-produced project, Rare Chandeliers.

  • kc

    When he came to boulder his show didn’t sell out so he came down in the crowd and did his whole show in the crowd. It was pretty cool.

  • Sam

    This is beyond dope.

  • 2dope4nope

    A lil break from work and came on and saw this shit Action Bronson gets the foreal beyond dope stamp from me too that’s what’s up props Action!

  • Keebo

    This is the dopest dude in the game.. This makes me wonder what his shows would be like on Christmas, man. He’s toooo generous.

  • Pops

    I feel ashamed for dismissing Bronson back in the day. First time I heard him all I heard was a dude that I thought was trying to found like Ghostface. Took me a little while but I finally realized how dope he was about 6 months ago. This shit right here is cool as fuck.

  • jojoba

    yeah props… the shit right here makes you feel good… hip hop santa right in here

  • gose


  • who cares

    I’ve been down with Bronson for a while, but he just got mad props from me right now. His shows look like they’re fun as fuck too. He’s just there to have a good time with the fans.