DJ Dahi - Toys 2.0 (Instrumental Album)

The man behind Dom Kennedy's "My Type Of Party," Kendrick Lamar's "Money Trees" and countless other gems just liberated a fresh new instrumental project (with a break down below) for the masses. Hit the jump for the tracklist/download link.

When we were kids, we use to play with our toys and create a world involving a character we loved. I wanted to make a soundtrack to that world. Each toy/cartoons on the project, I grow up loving as a child. Each toy/cartoons on the project, I grow up loving as a child. When your a kid, you imagination is limitless. I wanted to make a project fully based on how i felt and not on expectations.

01 Transformers
02 Simon
03 Teddy Ruxpin
04 Fraggle Rock
05 The Slinky
06 Tetris
07 Binyah Binyah
08 R2D2
09 Lion-O
10 Johny Quest
11 VR Troopers
12 Gummie Bears
13 Space Ghost
14 Ghostbusters
15 Patty Mayonnaise
16 Pantro

DOWNLOAD: DJ Dahi - Toys 2.0

Show Comments
  • Diddy

    KTT whuddup tho

  • The Goodfella

    Yeah, KTT we in this

  • frostyfreeze

    very dope, cool hearing some non hiphop shit too every now and then i feel like most of these could be used in a movie lol

  • Jax

    Are we allowed to use these in a Mixtape for non-profeit?

  • NickRG

    Tetris bangs. Can't wait to listen to the rest of the tape.

  • CoolGuy

    he said you could rap over em' just be sure to credit the producer!

  • Dump

    Patty Mayonnaise is a jam

  • You are a pioneer. Fantastic stuff.

  • KTT sucks cock



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