Macklemore on The Breakfast Club (Video)

blame it on Illy December 3, 2012

Macklemore joins The Breakfast Club to talk meeting Ryan Lewis on MySpace, jobs for rapping, drug problems in the past, being a correctional officer, being an independent rapper, and more.

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  • wtfff

    wow charlamagne offered him a drink, thats so disrespectful, hes a recovering addict, fuck charlamagne.

  • gb15

    pretty annoyed with charlamagne. and that the title of the video is mispelled saying “mackelmore interview”.

  • DatNewNew

    Fuck Charlamagne

  • cam

    Charlamagne is an asshole. Macklemore is a great artist

  • swageezy

    not only was charlamagne being disrespectful, he’s just a straight up idiot. he’s asking macklemore if he was having sex with ellen degeneres, she’s a lesbian…everything out of the dude’s mouth is just plain ignorance and arrogant.

  • Hal a. Tosis

    I agree charlemagne adds nothing but ignorance to all interviews. Dude should get canned. Hard to even listen to the show

  • Give charlemagne some credit at least he supports gay marriage.

    Anyways this dude has skills like Asher Roth but I like his style more.