• wtfff

    wow charlamagne offered him a drink, thats so disrespectful, hes a recovering addict, fuck charlamagne.

  • gb15

    pretty annoyed with charlamagne. and that the title of the video is mispelled saying "mackelmore interview".

  • DatNewNew

    Fuck Charlamagne

  • cam

    Charlamagne is an asshole. Macklemore is a great artist

  • swageezy

    not only was charlamagne being disrespectful, he's just a straight up idiot. he's asking macklemore if he was having sex with ellen degeneres, she's a lesbian...everything out of the dude's mouth is just plain ignorance and arrogant.

  • Hal a. Tosis

    I agree charlemagne adds nothing but ignorance to all interviews. Dude should get canned. Hard to even listen to the show

  • http://twitter.com/GtotheFO GtotheFO

    Give charlemagne some credit at least he supports gay marriage.

    Anyways this dude has skills like Asher Roth but I like his style more.