Snoop Lion – Here Comes The King (prod. Major Lazer)

blame it on Shake December 3, 2012

Artwork by Justin Create for Beau Monde Collective.

Second single from Snoop’s new reggae-inspired alias.

  • Mike

    I like the art cover it’s really amazing, the song sucks though….

  • the DiElon

    what can you expect after California girl and mac and devin go to high school….dude is straight doo doo now

  • shoots

    shit bangs. i wasnt feeling his raps because he has such a soft ass voice but he floats over this. just gotta work on that shitty jamaican accent. Major Lazer hasnt done wrong yet.

  • bladaoh

    lol at the fishnet tank top. the hook to this shit is terrible

  • PRalines

    diplo is the only reason this album’s gonna be any good

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Stop cause Snoop has put out so many dope songs and albums in the last 20 years, its safe to say he definitely is mostly responsible for any dope material he creates. On most of his albums you can find songs with producers from two different worlds contributing to the same album.

  • wat

    I don’t support mixing electro dubstep shit with reggae. Just doesn’t sound good. Oh, not to mention Snoop having a terrible Jamaican accent.

  • ^
    dubstep comes from reggae fool

    check out make it bun dem with skrillex and damien marley, dope track

  • pharaoh

    fuck man everyone is hating on this but i’m feeling it. so fuck it, its going on full blast in the car.

  • Ben Famous Amos

    ya this is dope haters can smoke a cock

  • ji_gantus

    lol @GtotheFO
    dubstep does not come from reggae you dohnut. originated from here the UK from garage, grime and drum and bass… not reggae. btw that damian marley song is dope which showcases reggae and dubstep, hence they are two different genres and one did not originate from the other
    side not wtf is up with all these jewish signs, like fuckin hell get that shit out of here snoop has no affiliation with judaism. snoop needs to drop the lion and get back to rapping