• dun dun duns

    why is everyone sucking jay off on his bday? what the...? hail the great mc

  • JD

    This is official... a couple of these i don't even know though. *clllllllllllllllllick*

  • http://www.ArtByAFag.com Joell Zela

    Shake you fucking queer this looks like your lame ass artwork so just to let you know if you're gonna suck Jay's dick then spell the mans name right **Shawn not Sean dumbfuck

  • Super Dave

    Good mixtape. Hov is the g.o.a.t. Fuck your feelings..

  • Hov

    LOL at the cover. "Sean" Carter? WTF.

  • kane

    the mix sucks. anyone can play records....jayz needs new material. he still is talking about NOTHING in his tracks.

  • Stace

    Hova is washed!!!!!!!!!!