Dom Kennedy Explains Get Home Safely (Video)

blame it on Meka December 4, 2012

With The Yellow Album still banging on wax (bonus points to the person who knows what I mean by that), Dom stopped over by the LA Leakers to describe his forthcoming project’s title.

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  • Your Father

    still banging on wax = still listening to it. Boom/bass against the wax in your ears. Right?

  • kung-fu

    banging on wax means you’re listening to it on vinyl.

  • YouAlreadyKn0w

    banging on wax? referring to the nationwide rip ridaz?

  • cap

    banging on wax meaning your fucking a girl on top of burning candles right
    jk i also got the vinyl meka you aint that cool

  • silence

    Its practically requirement as a hip hop head to know what that means, dafuq?? What points? If you wanna get trivial you should actually do that shit. A 2dopeTrivia contest would be solid, lame but solid.

    Also Dom isn’t any type of gangbanger anyway, so that phrase doesn’t fully fit.

  • WhoShotYa

    ^^^^^^HAHA! Dom is actually a crip.

  • silence

    I’ve listened to everything since futurestreet and would never have put that together. He still aint ‘banging’ on wax tho.

  • spencer

    Banging on wax, clearly having sex with a woman whilst one is lifted off of Waxy Marijuana Concentrates

  • Misteur

    Banging on wax: DOM Kennedy – Designer Shit.
    Y’all don’t listen to what this nigga is saying or what?