Drake Inks October’s Very Own Label Deal w/ Warner Bros.

blame it on Illy December 4, 2012

Drake has reportedly finalized a deal that will turn his October’s Very Own brand into a record label. A source has confirmed to Billboard that October’s Very Own has inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records. The YMCMB loyalist is still however signed as a solo artist to Universal, through Young Money/Cash Money, and will likely release his upcoming album through his previous deal Tunechi and Co. Who do you think Drake should sign through October’s Very Own/Warner Bros. Records?

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  • Me


  • nibs

    classified. is he still signed? curren$y and gillie da kid? lol.
    but it will probably be some ass rappers like gudda gudda

  • neicey

    jimmy the rapper

  • Ying

    smart. distancing himself from ymcmb is what he needs if he wants to grow better as an artist as well as a businessman.

  • los

    hov 2.0? i smell history repeating ala rocafella collapse

  • Shotgun Charlie

    Krispy Kreme?

  • DX

    Well Rocafella is still a label and Hov made a pretty penny selling it to Def Jam/Universal Kanye is still a Rocafella artist. Collapse? Nah try another word.

  • Casanova

    Warner Bros
    Cash Money
    Young Money
    Wayne’s Manger Management
    Some other management team
    -Damn did I miss any?

  • Beats

    Logic aka Young Sinatra

  • trillah

    well let’s see we got the weeknd, and all those smaller XO affiliates will be involved im assuming, but who should he sign though?
    i think robb bank$ would probably be the illest under some 40 production and OVO features, he’s gonna get at least one female in there.. i think this is more of his out when YM crashes… bound to happen with wayne fizzling and nicki releasing the same album for the last 3 years.

  • Squarian

    YES FINALLY! YMCMB is utter shit except for Drake. I feel like as soon as he distances himself from them people will stop giving him so much shit

  • thekidcuba


  • mayor

    XV and logic would both be dope. maybe the 2008’s crew especially Legit.

  • Squarian

    Yeah I love XV and Logic, but I don’t know what kind of chemistry they’d have together with Drake. Just like Jon Connor is dope as hell but same deal

  • meme

    I mean I’d like to see him Sign some ppl from back home. I wonder if he”ll put on the people who put him on …..

  • bigErn

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see ASAP Rocky

  • cj

    it would make sense to sign the weeknd

  • Sen

    He should’ve done this a while back and signed The Weeknd

  • You kinda figured this right? Nici minaj next?

  • He deserve it. Wayne getting raped.

  • St.louis


  • LondonGirl

    He should look at this guy outta charlotte i just heard about him from 9th wonder his twitter is @KADDIELAK very dope artist

  • nyc22

    Asap has a deal… KRISPY KREME IT IS!

  • Young

    He should sign Dom Kennedy. They got that smooth playa shit flow . Laid back beats.
    Sign Rain from NC . Check out the magic hour 2 & 3 .

  • DoubleClutch95

    Drake is tired of being one nigga, who’s signed to another nigga, who’s signed to 3 niggas….

  • A$AP rocky signed with Warner too right? If so this is good news

  • Don Kennedy

    He should sign Common.

  • g.ride

    yall know half the niggas you naming are already signed lol you sounding kinda stupid right now xv,currensy,common all them niggas got situations and you crazy if you think dom kennedy gonna sign with drake. only one that sounds possible is logic or chance the rapper. Drake probably already got a few hes trying to reach out to anyway some unexpected niggas probably

  • cap

    if drakes trying to branch out his own style through his record label he should probably sign some pussy ass niggas

  • Young

    For dom I can’t see no one else that “big” right now ..or stay independent…know it ain’t gon happen but they would make some coo music if u knock that then sucka dick who made this nigga captain . Fuck outa here . Ha fuckin witcha .

  • shit

    Aahhh shit its go be budden !. Yall seen the pic! They ain’t post that shit for nothin! .

  • kingg

    that motherfucker better sign some canada’s rappers

  • Frost

    He should sign a suicide note….

    Then off himself…

  • hitboy

    Mikey Fresh from Philly.

  • NeonVibes

    I know I’m probably going to get shitted on but… Airplane Boys.

  • 1


  • don

    Dirty Legends crew

  • Shy

    Salute if he signed Nickelus F.
    Homie basically taught drake how to flow…

  • @Risky_KillMoves

    Drake shouldnt have never sign with Birdshit & Birdshit JR in the first shouldve just waited it out and started his own lable with 40 & Co. if signs The Weekend and settle means with Tory Lanez he’s gotta strong start

  • s

    He should sign Aaliyah

  • He needs to sign Baltimore 16 Year Old Phenom “Tye”!!!….if you dont know bout him, yall need to look him up. Drake already has shown him mad love….watch! Yall goin see!

  • 1hunnit

    The Weeknd will definitely be his first signing. That whole OVOXO thing that goin on.

  • JesusFChrist

    “I Hope That My Success Never Alters Out Relationship”

  • JesusFChrist

    “I Hope That My Success Never Alters Our Relationship”

  • YOLO-G

    Birdman will probably take all Drizzies checks now since he didnt get another label to sign to Cash Money and move closer to ”dropping 100 albums per year” lmao.. but good move – Drake clearly isnt a good fit with YMCMB and its a matter of time he parts ways with em

  • burgers&diners

    good to see the F love in comments.. drake def needa to let that boy shine and break em off with some exposure to the public.. dude bodied the 106 freestyle friday jawns, and he did put drake onto the rap scene helpin em polish his raps flow etc etc

  • Adi

    Sign K Sparks or AC.

  • Rex

    These nimwits have to know that The Weeknd is already signed right?

  • marty mcfly

    I just hope Drake doesn’t sign a bunch of his friends just to do it. If he wanna give other artists a platform then they should be able to make better music then Drake or at least be equally talented. When Drake came off his mixtape run he clearly was the best artist on YMCMB so everybody else including Wayne had to respect that and let him keep going until he dropped TML. The other three major labels headed by artists (MMG, GOOD Music and ROC Nation), dont really have artists that are musically equal or able to generate the same energy as their bosses imo. They have dope artists but Jay, Ross and Kanye continue to be on top. T.I got B.O.B and that I feel was a good move because I think B.O.B in time will be as dope as T.I just in his own way. I hope Drake takes his time and develops an artist that can match his level of quality when it comes time to make music. End

  • ddave

    Sha Stimuli and The Weeknd

  • Brother Man

    Shi Wisdom. She’s a singer outta Toronto and they’ve been running together for a minute

  • HindSight

    Co-Sign NICKELUS F!

  • Miracle

    He should take Kirko Bangz since he already rolls with Warner Bros. that’s the smart choice for him. Then he should work with Kid Ink, Dom Kennedy, and last but not least Macklemore. He would have all the basics covered and probably turn into one of the most popular record companies around soon enough

  • Mike Tomlin

    Hopspin under contract anywhere?

  • NittyScottMC

    Nitty Scott, MC.

  • marty mcfly

    Put Chase N Cashe in the studio with 40 for a couple months and see what comes out of it.

  • eastbaytruth24

    The Weeknd would be the obvious first signee…there is already an established musical relationship between the two artists cuz Drizzy really put that guy on

  • markb

    hope he signs some new breakout artist,like the spacesuit junkies

  • Covert minds


  • Young

    Yea I wouldn’t be surprised if chase n cash was signed they been rockin wit each other for a min . He ain’t that raw but theres always room for improvement…

    What ever and who ever hopefully they fuckin raw and hope he creates a coo squad .

  • Ally

    He’s already signed Amaal Nuux, a singer-songwriter from Toronto.