Game On His Beef w/ Shyne (Video)

blame it on Shake December 4, 2012

During his time on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Jayceon speaks about his issues with Shyne. Impersonation game on point.

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  • marty mcfly

    My anus is feeling lonely. Anyone wanna fix that?

  • MFZoned

    Ayo Fuck Game’s wack ass. Das Rascit split up where the fucking post 2dopegirlz.

  • JR

    that shit was fucking hilarious!

  • Frylock

    this shit is mad funny XD rhymmmmmeee likeeeee poooooo

  • 2

    damn shyne just got clowned on so bad.

    old game = old shyne > new game >>>>>>>> new shyne

  • lbcnigga

    this nigga game used to rap just like shyne on untold story vol 2(u can see it by the way he impersonates shyne’s voice too) and suckin shyne’s dick in 2004/2005, now he’s dissing him?
    apart from this, the video is fuckin hilarious, game’s always a clown in this type of interviews. he should do some movies with ice cube chris tucker and mike epps

  • dzx

    That was just straight comedy.. man, I had to laugh out loud when they hit the instant replay and Game was shaking his head. His impersonations are tight, a lot of rappers are good at impersonations.. I’d like to see him do something like Cham’s Roll Call.

    Game has got talent outside of just rap.. I think he’s funny as in front of a camera. If they played to his strengths he could do a decent comedy role.

    At the same time gotta say 50 is also funny as in interviews.. most recently doing the Wayne impersonation.. “he can’t protect you, he can’t protect you outside”.

  • basco

    man i’m dying right now

  • BSR

    Thats some funny shit!!! Game destroyed Shyne in that 3 minutes.

  • justsayinjones

    the ultimate chameleon on wax (game) clowning a mad man (shyne)??? f rap. it’s crazy how flip flop shit is. I’m done with hip hop.

  • who cares

    lmfao! Oh my god I’m crying right now!
    Best comment on youtube: “He should do an entire diss track to Shyne rappin in Shyne’s voice. That would be classic.”

  • LOL. Game could be the old-new Shyne if he wanted to. He sounded just like old Shyne damn. That sounded almost too good. Game is a fool lol

  • Game looks more and more like a black Steven Seagal as the years pass.

  • My Brain says.

    Face tattoo. Automatically labeled.

    Nut Ass.