• $$$

    Joey Bada$$ got kids thinking old flows are going to make them pop off

  • westcoastBICH

    this dude is very average......... Oakland emcee would eat him in every cypher

  • youngFERG

    $$$: they came up together fool, youtube their names they have a song together lolll

    and westcoastBICH MUST be an old head because you know damn well no one gives a fuck about cypher or battling or who can "eat" him lolll fuck outta here. I'm sure everyone has a friend who "can eat" any popular rapper... not about that no more old head.

  • amario

    wack and dumb as fuck. you should be killed for the shit you call music. he aint 19. i met this ethiopian basterd, he 27. lying piece of shit. my older sister dated him when we lived in brooklyn