• 1

    dope! but the acapella isn't available for download

  • dan

    Nice! The acapella track is now available for download.

  • itu

    yeah its not available for download

  • 4dopekidz

    yea it is. just did it myself.

  • kb

    can i put it on my soundcloud, when im done with it?

  • WilliamC

    Does anyone knows the key of the song?

  • http://hhwpodcast.com gizzle

    godmode: dont listen to the original song first :)

  • TheTermination

    Please answer to this, am I allowed to use samples? Not replaying something, but straight sample?


    That is one sweet looking MPC & I currently don't have the cash to cop 1, is this competition open to those outside the US?

  • ryguy

    Is there a confirmation email or anything letting us know they received our remix? and can we post it on soundclound?