Game – Jesus Piece f. Kanye West & Common (prod. Boi-1da & The Maven Boys)

blame it on Illy December 5, 2012

Off Jesus Piece out December 11, produced by Boi-1da and The Maven Boys with co-production by Stephen Kozmeniuk. Pre-order it on iTunes now.

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  • dwight

    Jesus Piece sounds like its going to be amazing!!!

  • vlado

    beat gave me chills

  • Good song. Kind of disappointed by the Kanye “feature” though

  • shyne invited the game to fight. if the game doesnt do any thing about it, than he is a punk like mister c. if any one falls in the position that game is with shyne, i would prove my self and become the number one rapper of the season.

  • tbh

    @ snsck

    Why would Game fly all the way to Belize to destroy that dude. peace

  • Varsityballin

    lol game would never turn down a fade…shyne a fool for that one he bout to get that quik lineup

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    What a waste of a beat.

    How can a nigga say so much yet say so little.

    And to say ‘featuring’ Kanye West is a con. The same 5-word soundbite repeated for the hook.

  • rahiki

    this is crazy. game’s new album sounds amazing so far

  • chu the conqueror

    Creative song no doubt. Definitely pushes the limits but the blasphemy from the chorus to the cover art is unacceptable. A Jesus Piece won’t get you into heaven. Other than that long live hip hop and rap.

  • Johnblaze

    I can’t believe game name drops all the cats…. Very Uncharacteristic of him

  • albumsoundsgood

    Album sounds promising!

  • Glad this album will be better than RED. That album was a let down.

  • Denmark

    Daaamn. Common sounds so smooth and chilled out in this verse. Nothing short of perfect

  • anthong

    name me king with push leaked too! album is going to be power

  • Marty McFly

    Common had a great verse. Game sucks. This song does not really feature Kanye. Like someone else said what a waste of a beat… This could have been dope if it was just a Common song. This whole “Jesus Piece” chain fad is really fucking stupid by the way. They celebrate about Jesus by wearing jewelry that kids Africa died to make. I’m sure Jesus would love that.

  • Brother Man

    Men. This beat is dopeee

  • marty mcfly


  • Westttttt

    album leaked (minus 1 missing song “Dead People”) and every single song is equal or better in quality than this song on the 15 track DELUXE edition, EVERY song. come on son

  • flight

    Who woulda thought Game would put out another classic after so many years, the album beats out Kendricks, fuck what you say man this shit good (not talking this song, although its nice, Im talking bout Jesus Piece the album nicca)

  • III

    REALLY surprised with how good this album was. Haven’t really been a big fan of Game besides The Documentary, but this album was dope as fuck

  • yeahp

    if you dont have the album yet go and get it this is an unexpected heat mannnnnnnnn a great surprise :)

  • Your Moms dinner date

    Yooo, Game kinda shock me. whole album was heat. Nice comeback. i was checking for him after his lat two lp’s but he delivered on this one, definitely should go get it. BTW ALI BOMAYE (Track 2) IS BANGER OF THE YEAR

  • Fire!

  • malcyvelli

    UGH i hate these pseudo fake fucking features, this is the exact type of beat that ye would eat up and bring to the amazing potential it had/has, still a good track but only half as good as what it couldve and shouldve been

  • watdafuq?

    “I can’t believe game name drops all the cats…. Very Uncharacteristic of him”
    uncharacteristic? name-dropping has been apart of his character before you were even born

  • ncm

    Some Kanye feature… Game’s too desperate to get the biggest names on board, would get more respect for just doing his own thing