• liveeddd

    we are all jesus and jesus is a part of us. whatever we do here on earth is reflective of our maker. making mistakes, being a good person are both included.
    so yes, jesus is a piru. jesus is a dope man. and jesus piece comes out dec 11th

  • juskwak

    Watchin that made feel a lil bad about ever lookin at the alt. cover sideways.Sometimes niggas be really critical of artist and not stoppin to think that they real people with real shit goin on in they lives. Whatever reason I choose to put my dead bro on a covor is deep.... even if I got inspired by another persons cover.

    but a yo.. that interscope all jews / vatican callin shit he said was funny tho! ....and probably real as hell!

  • Sinister

    this nigga is a wannabe gangster always been he garbage he tries to mimick every rapper out right now thats a shame remember thats why he calls himself the game he is a game nobody taking him seriously and if u believe him oh man u dumb too