Wiz Khalifa Breaks Down “Got Everything” (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 5, 2012

With O.N.I.F.C. in stores now, Wiz continues his track-by-track breakdown with “Got Everything.”

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  • Grandpa Bitchez

    Nobody cares about this lame nigga all he raps about is how much money he has now and how he smokes the best weed fuck this cornball

    • Sanchez

      Stfu Grandpa! This nigga is dope. ONIFC is dope. Stop hating and go and do sum old people shit. Taylor!!

  • Mike Tomlin

    ONIFC makes Rolling Papers sound like Kush & OJ. Not only are the songs interchangable, but ONIFC, CF2 and Taylor Allderdice are interchangable as albums too. Can someone please tell me the difference between Bluffin and The Bluff? Even the hook is the exact same…

    Loved his old stuff, especially as a Pittsburgh resident, but I want another apology letter after this one.

  • GIn Toki

    See Wiz Khalifa seems to be a person who came into the industry and achieved his dreams. So for that, why would you hate on this man? His music directly correlated to his Grind, and nothing has changed expect his money. His grind is still the same, and in a way his music still the same too. This guy changed his sound years ago, but he’s a person who can actually flow and make good songs, but people are expecting too much from him. If you want to listen to him on that pure HipHop mentality, you’ll mostly end up dissapointed. His music is like gin, you either drink it at a party or you or you go hard with it everydey.