Kendrick Lamar On BET’s Don’t Sleep! (Video)

blame it on Shake December 6, 2012

Sitting down with BET’s TJ Holmes, Kendrick Lamar speaks on the success of good kid, m.A.A.d city, being on a major label, Compton (of course) and more.

  • Think hard

    i mean couldnt you guys put this on after the jump and put a picture up top?

  • Vice452

    For the love of god fix the fucking autoplay setting.

  • method

    I wonder if Kendrick has ever given an interview where he didnt say “at the end of the day” at least once

  • Ignorant Genius

    He finally combed his hair..

  • “think har” and “vice”

    for the record the BET player doesnt autoplay for me and it never has. so i dont personally see it. i apologize for that.

  • He is so fine.

  • Trill O’Reilly

    Everytime I log onto this site I see a new Kendrick post. Wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you stalk the man for a living.

  • Blackmon

    A lot of rappers didn’t have a Back up plan, Now what if Kendrick didn’t make it as a rapper #WastedYouth